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Children’s Day Event 2022

Event Overview & Guide to the unique Artifact reward

🧸🧸Children’s Day event has started (servers that have been open for 7 days or more can participate).

Collect as many Ride Tokens and Crystal Balls as possible to redeem great rewards!!

How does it work?

This event works much like many of the other Infinity Kingdom celebration events. Over the course of five days, we are able to complete a number of different tasks and obtain event-currency rewards. This time the blue-tier currency is called Ride Token og the purple-tier currency is called Crystal Marbels. Using these currencies we can redeem event-specific rewards from the Exchange of Joy page.

The event has five domains:

1. Joyful Park: Each day we are unlocking a long list of tasks to complete over the course of the five days of festivities. E.g. daily logins, troop production, Immortal summons are day 1 challenges.

2. Heart of Innocence: By playing the game and gathering resources, collecting resources from your farms, killing gnomes and killing gnome bosses you earn Ride Tokens.

3. Wonderful Home: This is a tiered 1-20 progress bar, where you spend Imagination Blocks (from Joyful Park) to decorate the child home. In doing so, you unlock level rewards 1-20. Moreover, you can spend 3500 gems to unlock a higher tier rewards, and 20 USD to unlock the highest tier of Wonderful Home rewards.

4. Exchange of Joy: Here you can redeem your event currency for juicy rewards! See the list below. Most noticably, we are able to get a full schematic for a unique artifact for Attila, Alexander, Cid or Saladin!

Ride TokenRewardStorage
1001x Epic Immortal at random1
201x Philosophers Offer chest1
507 days Childhood Skin (3% SP recovery speed)1
10Childhood chat skin1
103h universal speed5
4medium rss chest (10k gold)10
51h universal speed20
2basic rss chest (2k gold)40
Crystal MarbleRewardStorage
120Schematic for Unique Artifact1
150Permanent Childhood Skin1
35Elite Dragon crystal chest (500x earth, lightning, water, fire)1
10Amusement park chat box1
5Avartar frame1
1Rss chest (20k gold)30
23 hour universal speedup25

5. Dreamland. In dreamland you can quick-access the event bundle shop. This is the ingame store where you spend real fiat currency to purchase in game currency and rewards.

How do we most efficiently obtain a unique artifact?

This event’s unique artifact reward is very cheap compared to the average pricing of a Triss or Stellar Compass unique. If we are efficient we can claim our artifact for just 35 USD. Comparatively, in my experiance a Triss unique avg. between 150-200 USD and a Stellar Compass 120-150 USD.

How you ask?

Cost to purchase Epic Immortal Unique Artifact chest is thus cheapest by doing:
Joyful park 5 days30
5x USD bundles daily40
3x 10USD bundle30

At the time of writing we just began day 1, so I can’t possibly know what will be the rewards of Joyful Park in day 2, 3, 4 and 5. But assuming they hold the same rewards as day 1 in terms of Marbles we get:

Day 1Assuming day 2-5 is the same
Reward 122*4 = 8
Reward 244*4 = 16

Happy celebration to all!

Published: 24-06-2022