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Goddesses Festival 2022

The Goddesses Festival is a great event for all types of players. If you want to spend there are excellent items available if you have a gem-abundance. This event however, does not require you to spend a single dollar to max out on rewards, making it arguably one of the best events for F2P players.

Basics of this event

During the festival event you earn Goblets by farming nodes on the map, collecting resources from your farms (inside your castle), killing gnomes and killing bosses. Just like so many other events, we get boxes with item currency, this time Goblets.
These Goblets can be used to purchase Star Souvenir Coins, which are the currency for basic rewards. These are bought at a 1:1 ratio.

There are two types of rewards, and not all can be farmed with Goblets.

The higher quality rewards requires Divine Crystals

These are not farmable, but are rewarded from completing the event quests/tasks and can be purchased for 200 gems each.

Free Divine Crystals
For free we get a total of 1×2 1×3 and 1×5 = 10 crystals. We want to spend these on philosopher stones!

If you plan on spending gems during this event, see below how much each item will cost you.


I have EXCLUDED the free crystals, so you can just see it as a 2000 gem discount on your first purchase.

1. Star Souvenir Coin

Star CoinStockRewardPurple Crystal Value
1001Random Epic Immortal6000
201Philosopher’s Offer chestChance at around 500 or 1500 purple (in stones)
5017 day skin
101Elite Immortal Fragments Chest100-10,000, 1 chance
1053h universal speedup
410Medium Rss Chest
5201h Universal Speedup
240Basic Rss Chest

We want to make sure we grind enough Goblets / Star coins to get the Random Epic Immortal, the Philosopher’s Offer chest and the Elite Immortal Fragments Chest. These are the most important rewards, because they yield decent purple crystal. If you have currency to spare, go for speedups.

2. Divine Crystal

Divine CrystalStockRewardPrice in gems 1x
1201Core Immortal Selection (Charles, Khan, Baldwin)24000
1501Permanent Skin30000
5011000x dragon crystals (earth, lightning, water, fire)10000
101Avartar Frame2000
120Philosopher Stones200
130Superior Rss Chest200
1503h Universal Speedup200

There are many important rewards to take not of here:

  1. Free to play players have a rare opportunity to unlock one of the best Immortals in the game – Charles, Genghis Khan or Baldwin. These are usually only availble through a 99$ bundle, making this a VERY good event and a priority for players who are not spending that much on an Immortal unlock.
  2. Dragon soul crystals take a long time to grind out, making it a very nice reward if you are working on a second or a third dragon. If you are building multiple marches, you want to buy this one. If you are a low spender or a free to play, dont bother with your gems on this one.
  3. Philosopher Stones are often the best value item of these events. this is no different. Each stone has a value avg. of 515 purple crystals and getting them at a discount rate is awesome. These are simply insanely good, because you need a ton of purple crystal (read everything abount purple crystals here).
    Each stone costs 200 gems instead of the usual 300 gems, making it a nice discount you want to use up.

Other rewards

In other rewards, we get some nice things on the side as we play through this event. Doing the quests from “Secrets of the Stars” will net you a territorial teleport, assorted buffs, rss chests, speedups and exp scrolls. All very nice loot for very little effort.

We also get a nice amount of ressources, speedups and if we are lucky, Enchant Stones and Exp Scrolls as we hand over our Goblets and purchase Divine Crystals with gems on the “Divine Blessings” tab.

Published: 13-03-2022