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Asteria Challenges & Rewards

What is this event about?

There will be two types of missions:

  1. Individual Challenges
  2. Alliance Challenges

It basicly revolves around killing gnome camps.

Individual Challenges

Individual Challenges force you to fight Shadow Rogues. After each completed camp you progress into higher and higher camp levels and the
Shadow Rogues grow stronger. Shadow Rogues are capped at level 30.

TIP: You can use multi-unit-attack for a little more AP to beat strong opponents.

Alliance Challenges

Alliance Challenges gets unlocked after a certain amount of members succeed in their individual Challenges.
Alliances Challenges are Shadow Bosses which can be summoned by the Alliance R6 or R5. And must be killed by the Alliance.
Bosses are capped at level 6.

Important: Bosses die too fast for an entire alliance to hit it. Everyone must gather up in one location, summon the boss and hit it with a 1-unit march (see below). This way, everyone can get the juicy rewards!

1 unit march – remove immortals and allocate 1 soldier


Rewards from this event are three-fold.

  1. First of all you get a reward based on your personal and individual progress in the event.
  2. In addition, you are given a reward based on the progress of your alliance when the event ends.
  3. Make sure to participate with atleast a 1 unit march when your alliance is killings its boss. Everyone who hits the boss are given additional participation rewards. These are artifact shards depending on the challenge level, but very good loot for minimal effort.

Individual Challenge Rewards

Challenge completedArtifact BoxUniversal SpeedupWoodStoneIron
1-51 Rare0,5 hours100001000010000
1-102 Rare1 hours200002000020000
1-153 Rare1,5 hours300003000030000
1-204 Rare2 hours400004000040000
1-255 Rare2,5 hours500005000050000
1-306 Rare3 hours600006000060000
2-51 Rare0,5 hours150001500015000
2-102 Rare1 hours300003000030000
2-153 Rare1,5 hours450004500045000
2-204 Rare2 hours600006000060000
2-255 Rare2,5 hours750007500075000
2-306 Rare3 hours900009000090000
3-51 Elite0,5 hours250002500025000
3-102 Elite1 hours500005000050000
3-153 Elite1,5 hours750007500075000
3-204 Elite2 hours100000100000100000
3-255 Elite2,5 hours125000125000125000
3-306 Elite3 hours150000150000150000
4-51 Elite0,5 hours400004000040000
4-102 Elite1 hours800008000080000
4-153 Elite1,5 hours120000120000120000
4-204 Elite2 hours160000160000160000
4-255 Elite2,5 hours200000200000200000
4-306 Elite3 hours240000240000240000
5-51 Epic0,5 hours500005000050000
5-102 Epic1 hours100000100000100000
5-153 Epic1,5 hours150000150000150000
5-204 Epic2 hours200000200000200000
5-255 Epic2,5 hours250000250000250000
5-306 Epic3 hours300000300000300000
6-51 Epic0,5 hours750007500075000
6-102 Epic1 hours150000150000150000
6-153 Epic1,5 hours225000225000225000
6-204 Epic2 hours300000300000300000
6-255 Epic2,5 hours375000375000375000
6-306 Epic3 hours450000450000450000

Alliance Challenge Rewards

Challenge completedArtifact BoxArtifact reagentsUniversal SpeedupWoodStoneIron
1-51 Rare1 Uncommon0,5 hours100001000010000
1-102 Rare2 Uncommon1 hours200002000020000
1-153 Rare3 Uncommon1,5 hours300003000030000
1-204 Rare4 Uncommon2 hours400004000040000
1-255 Rare5 Uncommon2,5 hours500005000050000
1-306 Rare6 Uncommon3 hours600006000060000
2-51 Rare1 Uncommon0,5 hours150001500015000
2-102 Rare2 Uncommon1 hours300003000030000
2-153 Rare3 Uncommon1,5 hours450004500045000
2-204 Rare4 Uncommon2 hours600006000060000
2-255 Rare5 Uncommon2,5 hours750007500075000
2-306 Rare6 Uncommon3 hours900009000090000
3-51 Elite1 Rare0,5 hours250002500025000
3-102 Elite2 Rare1 hours500005000050000
3-153 Elite3 Rare1,5 hours750007500075000
3-204 Elite4 Rare2 hours100000100000100000
3-255 Elite5 Rare2,5 hours125000125000125000
3-306 Elite6 Rare3 hours150000150000150000
4-51 Elite1 Rare0,5 hours400004000040000
4-102 Elite2 Rare1 hours800008000080000
4-153 Elite3 Rare1,5 hours120000120000120000
4-204 Elite4 Rare2 hours160000160000160000
4-255 Elite5 Rare2,5 hours200000200000200000
4-306 Elite6 Rare3 hours240000240000240000
5-51 Epic1 Elite0,5 hours500005000050000
5-102 Epic2 Elite1 hours100000100000100000
5-153 Epic3 Elite1,5 hours150000150000150000
5-204 Epic4 Elite2 hours200000200000200000
5-255 Epic5 Elite2,5 hours250000250000250000
5-306 Epic6 Elite3 hours300000300000300000
6-51 Epic1 Elite0,5 hours750007500075000
6-102 Epic2 Elite1 hours150000150000150000
6-153 Epic3 Elite1,5 hours225000225000225000
6-204 Epic4 Elite2 hours300000300000300000
6-255 Epic5 Elite2,5 hours375000375000375000
6-306 Epic6 Elite3 hours450000450000450000

Published: 26-01-2022