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May event 2023 – Free spins of gift wheel

Infinity Kingdom Monthly Carnival is back and this time it is a wheel for fortune styled minigame where players earn spins every day by loging in, sharing the event (all for free) as well as by purchasing Carnival gift packs for additional spin chances.

Free to play and spender alike, you want to make sure you participate while the event is live! There are big dragon crystals boxes on the line, with as much as 1000 dragon crystals to be won in a single spin – if you are lucky!

Moreover, it is a rare chance for some shadow dragon crystals! Yes shadow dragon. The big jackpot reward hold 1000 dragon crystals for standard elements earth, water, lightning, fire as well as shadow!

Even if you are not the lucky winner of the big jackpot, you are likely going to be getting some dragon crystal chests, as a decent amount of Gtarcade points redeemable for in-game rewards via the point shop in the Gtarcade app.

How to participate?

It is very simple, you go to this campaign url: https://case.gtarcade.com/ik_lottery_2023

Make sure you login with your Gtarcade account, and then share the event via Twitter or Facebook for free spin chances on the wheel!

Published: 03-05-2023