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Theia’s Roulette – Immortal Rotation

If you have found this article, you are like me trying to build out holy / shadow. Wether you are slowly building up or wanting to bank tickets so you can max 900 pulls each time your Immortal comes around – we all have one thing in common: We pose the question “Who’s next in roulette???”

Well here is the answer! (Disclaimer: Servers are at a different stage of the rotation, hence I can’t put dates on the rotation, but you can always know which Immortal is next and how long till yours comes around by ralying on the following).

How often is Theias Roulette?

During 2022, Theias has been occuring with 10-14 days intervals. This means, you can comfortably rely on once every two weeks.


1. Theodora – holy support (healer)

2. Manco – holy frontline damage dealer

3. Siegfried – shadow frontline damage dealer

4. Himiko – shadow backline magic damage & control

5. Bjorn – shadow frontline tank/utility

Published: 15-05-2022