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Wonderful Journey – a dice boardgame

In this event we can earn the much sought after Unique Immortal Artifact Fragments, juicy Philosopher stones, and a fair bit of gold ressources. Wonderful Journey is amongst the few events that offer Artifact Fragtments for the new Unique Artifacts. (also Triss event and Supreme’s Seal)

See all the Unique Artifacts and read more Artifact stats and rolls in my guide: Ik-wiki.com/artifacts/

In this article I shall go through some of the basics of the event and show my Journey through a board-clear.


The event is basically a generic boardgame layout. You roll dice to move around the board and obtain the reward your little Lord Figure lands on.

Noteworthy rewards from board tiles:

  • The jackpot 100 point tile
  • Philosopher Stone

You obtain an additional 100 points by completing a lap around the board.

What are the points?

You need points to unlock the event bonus rewards.

You get a total of 60 Unique Artifact Chests by completing the point meter with 1300 points. Hence, one Unique Artifact.

Getting Dice

You obtain dice by spending gems on anything (1 dice per 1000 spent gems) or by purchasing bundles / gems via the ingame shop (1 dice per 500 gems recharged)

Wonderful Journey – full clear

I spent a total of 80 dice to complete the bonus wheel. Your experiance may vary, seen as any hits on the jackpot tile make a huge difference. Theoretically, you are 100% sure to max out points by lapping the board 13 times. With 29 tiles to land on and a 6-sided dice, your absolute maximum required number of rolls (without EVER hitting any of the jackpots small of large) is 377.

AV = ( (M + 1 )/ 2 ) * N

  • Where AV is the average dice value
  • M is the max value of all dice
  • N is the total number of die

( 6 + 1 )/ 2 ) * 106 = 377

However, there is a 3.4% chance to hit the big jackpot and a 10.32% chance to hit one of the small ones on every lap. I got a little lucky and spent 80 dice. You could do with fewer or a few more averaging around 80-100 dice to complete event with resonable certainty.

My clear – each bonus unlock took:

20 rolls

40 rolls

45 rolls

50 rolls (jackpot)

55 rolls

70 rolls

80 rolls

Published: 02-03-2022