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Chaos Roulette

The Chaos Roulette has been added to the game as of november 2022 with the release of the first Chaos Elemental Immortal Norheim and Infinity Kingdom has ever seen – Loki, the God of Mischief.

The Event

The Chaos Roulette is a lot like the Wheel of Fortune which will be very very familiar for all of the wind-players out there! It is simply a wheel-style roulette event where you can slowly earn fragments. Lucky for all of us, this wheel event is more akin to Wheel of Furtune than Triss Roulette, meaning we are spending Gems to spin and the chance to obtain Immortal Fragments is FAR GREATER than in Triss Roulettes for Holy and Shadow.

As such, you should ALWAYS do single draws. Across all of my wheels I only had a few where Loki fragments were the last slot to land on.

As such, doing 5-draws will 100% be a waste of gems and will limit the amount of fragments you can get because we do not have infinite draws avilable!

In this example, I am spending 3 daily draws + 900 gems on three useless draws after Loki is won.

What you want to do is single draw and reset the wheel every time you land on 5x Loki Fragments.

Bonus Bar

The Chaos Roulette like all the other wheel events also has a event-wide bonus bar. Across the three day event, you unlock bonus rewards as you do enough spins. At a total of 400 spins you will have maxed out the event bonus.

The Bonus Bar contains 6 x 10 Fragment bonuses + the jackpot up top unlocked at a full 400 draws for 40 Fragments. As such, you get a total of 100 Chaos Immortal Fragments for sure when doing all 400 draws.

Upgrade cost of Chaos Immortals – Loki

Loki is not an Epic Immortal, but he is something new! The Chaos Immortal Loki requires more Fragments to upgrade than any Immortal we have seen yet. He is a tier above Epic and is maxed as follow.

I have yet to confirm the amount required for artifact slot unlock. As such, be ware that the final number may change a bit as the first players reach artifact slot and can find out.

Maxing Loki with Chaos Roulette

To max Loki entirely via Gems will be a long and expensive journey. The amount of gems that each player has is very different, but one thing is for sure – you should always save up enough to complete the 400 draws for the full bonus clear for maximum efficiency. This means you need to stack quite a lot of gems!

Let us figure out how many gems it will take us and how many events it will take to max Loki only via Gems in the Chaos Roulette!

First of all, we need some info in the clear.

  • Each Draw costs 300 gems
  • You need 400 draws to complete the bonus and run the event efficiently
  • Maximum 150 draws per day

Here is what I found doing my draws!

Doing 400 draws will cost you 120,000 gems. Based on my results from the first Chaos Roulette event, you vill get 220 Fragments from 400 Draws + 100 bonus from completing the event bonus bar.

As such, MAX Loki for 600,000 gems across 7 Chaos Roulette Events.

Published: 25-11-2022