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The highly anticipated Cross Server Spider Competition in Infinity Kingdom has come to a thrilling conclusion. Over the past two weeks, from May 1st to May 14th, players from all realms have put their strategic skills to the test, battling ferocious spiders to secure a place among the top contenders. With a chance to win fantastic rewards, participants have eagerly awaited the announcement of the victors. Now, it’s time to unveil the valiant warriors who emerged triumphant in this exhilarating event.

  1. Congratulations to the Champion! Taking the top spot and earning the title of the ultimate arachnid conqueror is none other than Mакс from s52 with a hit of a whopping 5.43%! With exceptional prowess and unwavering determination have earned them a grand reward of 2000 gems! Let us applaud their remarkable achievement in emerging as the undisputed champion of the Cross Server Spider Competition.
  2. Second Place Excellence: We extend our heartfelt congratulations to 유 비 from s105 for securing the second position in this fierce competition. With a 4.99% hit has rightfully earned them a prize of 1200 gems. Well done on your outstanding performance!
  3. The Third Place Triumph: A special mention goes to Heavystyle from s121, who showcased their formidable skills and secured the third position in the Cross Server Spider Competition with a solid 4.4% hit. Their dedication and resourcefulness have won them a reward of 800 gems. Bravo on this impressive achievement!
  4. Acknowledging the Runners-Up: We also extend our appreciation to the following players, who displayed exceptional combat prowess and secured positions from 4th to 10th place in the competition. Each of these talented individuals will be rewarded with 500 gems for their remarkable efforts:
  • Saiven from s105 at 4.18%
  • Bunny from s56 at 4.17%
  • 대체머야 from s105 at 4.1%
  • BESY from s105 at 3.67%
  • Lukas. from s121 at 3.66%
  • Nightingale from s78 at 2.91%
  • Arthur_Leywn from s46 at 2.76%
  1. Recognizing the Consistent Performers: In addition to the top ten positions, we commend the following players who have showcased commendable skills and secured places from 11th to 20th. Each of them will receive a reward of 300 gems for their noteworthy accomplishments:
  • Tea from s121 at 2.66%
  • KinCaid from s49 at 2.52%
  • Fictions from s73 at 2.48%
  • Gabimaru from s121 at 2.18%
  • PYAKIA from s49 at 2.13%
  • SETH from s73 at 2.09%
  • Ray14324 from s57 at 2.01%
  • Kryph from s222 at 1.85%
  • UNKNOWN from s73 at 1.76%
  • Stille from s49 at 1.71%

The Cross Server Spider Competition in Infinity Kingdom has proven to be an exhilarating showcase of skill and determination. Congratulations to all the winners who have demonstrated their mastery in battling these formidable creatures. As this round concludes, we eagerly anticipate the next installment of this epic event, where new challenges and rewards await. Prepare yourselves, noble warriors, for the adventure continues!

Published: 15-05-2023

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