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The Infinity Kingdom 2.6.6 patch, is a major update with numerous features and optimizations. Highlights include the Equipment Gem Slotting feature, which allows players to enhance their gear with attack, defense, or support gems. This system provides a significant power boost and is accessible without a paywall, a major positive shift for the game.

Read the full patch notes here.

  • Gem Types:
    • Attack Gems boost Physical and Magical Attack, crucial for offensive strategies.
    • Defense Gems enhance Physical and Magic Defense, pivotal for durability in battles.
    • Support Gems improve Resilience and Accuracy, offering tactical advantages.
  • Obtaining Gems:
    • Primarily acquired by defeating monsters, ensuring that all players have access to these enhancements without a paywall.
    • Eight levels of gems exist, allowing for progression and strategic depth. Combining three lower-level gems of the same type creates a higher-level gem, adding an element of resource management.

As you farm gems from gnomes you bank quite a few gems quickly. That’s great, because we are going to need them! You need to combine gems to upgrade their levels. Max level and requirements are unknown as of now.

Published: 24-01-2024

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