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Unlocking the Realm of Possibilities: A Deep Dive into Infinity Kingdom’s New “Free Arena” Game Mode

Infinity Kingdom enthusiasts, rejoice! A groundbreaking addition to the gaming landscape has arrived with the launch of the “Free Arena” game mode. Drawing inspiration from the classic arena mode we’ve known for nearly three years, Free Arena introduces game-changing elements that redefine the battlefield. This article explores the intricacies of Free Arena, highlighting key technical aspects and shedding light on the nuances that set it apart.

Choosing Elements and Immortals:

In the Free Arena, players face a pivotal decision at the outset of each season—selecting elements and Chaos Immortals for the duration of the gameplay. Notably, these choices are irreversible once the season kicks off, adding a layer of strategy and permanence. Players are compelled to choose wisely or, for the more adventurous, consider utilizing multiple alternate accounts.

Leveling the Playing Field:

Unlike the traditional PvP environment, Free Arena standardizes the playing field. All Immortals in the arena are set at level 55 with a boost level of 30 and equipped with maximum-level elemental gear. Troops, maintaining their elite status as Elites of the Court, further contribute to the equilibrium of the battle scenarios.

Elemental Constraints:

Players navigate a dynamic mix of elements in Free Arena, selecting two standard elements from wind, fire, lightning, water, and earth. This choice dictates the Immortals available for use, allowing for strategic diversity. However, the restriction to two standard elements adds an extra layer of complexity, prohibiting, for instance, the creation of a wind-earth hybrid and a fire team within a single march.

The ‘Spender-Element’ Dilemma:

Players must make a critical choice between Holy and Shadow as their ‘spender-element,’ determining access to a specific set of Immortals. This choice, coupled with elemental constraints, forces players to refine their strategies and adapt to the limitations of Free Arena, offering a unique twist compared to the regular PvP environment.

Technology and Other Influences:

While the dragons in Free Arena boast maximum levels and initial specializations, talent trees remain unavailable, shaping a distinct combat experience. The absence of talent trees means that stat bonuses and percentage boosts achieved through their completion are not in play, creating a scenario that differs from the broader game dynamics.

Surprisingly, technology does not impact Free Arena, yet this absence is strategically managed. The game mode cleverly sets technology at maximum by default, providing players with a realistic simulation of end-game levels. It’s a smart move that allows for a more accurate understanding of how Immortals and builds perform in a high-stakes, competitive environment.

However, players should note that other external factors like faction bonuses, Alliance Technology, Alliance Territories, Lord Talents, Nobility, Well of Time, City Official Position, Castle Skin, VIP Level, Building Level, and battle items will not influence the outcome of battles in Free Arena.

Much more Free Arena

In the realm of Free Arena, where strategies are forged and battles unfold, players find themselves immersed in an exciting and challenging environment. While the mode deviates from the norm, the opportunity it provides for experimentation and strategic innovation is unparalleled. As players delve into the intricacies of Free Arena, they will undoubtedly uncover new dimensions of gameplay and forge unique paths to victory.

So far, I have been engaged in a couple of different builds during the first hours of the game mode. I am experimenting with new and unconventional strategies, exploring Loki water builds, fire builds, and holy-hybrid builds. In the coming days, I will continue testing various ideas and concepts, aiming to provide guides for specific builds and articles detailing my experiences and the rationale behind the builds I am testing. Stay tuned for more insights in the IK-wiki build section under Free Arena Builds.

May the battles be fierce and the strategies ever-evolving in this new frontier of Infinity Kingdom.

Published: 15-12-2023

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