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Infinity Kingdom has a ton of cool city skins. You get skins from purchases during events, performance from in game activities such as contention of relics and/or Legion of Frostborne, Throne of the Supreeme, and so on. We have a new Dragon Castle skin coming to Norheim! Today the 15th of july 2023 Infinity Kingdom releases a brand new and AWESOME looking castle skin with amazing bonuses and just brilliant animation.

Every castle skin has unique beneficial effects, from building speed to rss gathering and troop HP. The castle skin increases Troop Training Speed by 5% AND Technology Upgrade speed by 5%. It is following the line made by the development team on these unique element dragon skins as this much like the Frozen Dragon Hive, the Wrath of Thunder and the Mountain barricade. We are getting two different 5% boosts.

The boosts provided by this new Castle skin is awesome! Gaining Troop Training Speed allow for a big save on speed ups during Legion of Frostborne combat seasons and with both the water and fire dragon skins you can always ensure solid boosts to both troop and healing production. Very good. However, this is no where near the full potential of this skin. The 5% increase to Technology speed makes this skin arguably the single best castle skin in all of Infinity Kingdom. With technology being very hard to fully complete, every bonus you can get goes a long way!

Published: 25-08-2023

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