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A Tale of Dominance in Eight-Servers War

In the fiercely contested arena of Battlegroup 111’s Legion of Frostborne, the current season has witnessed a dramatic struggle for supremacy, involving eight servers: 6, 105, 139, 100, 73, 120, 138, and 26. Although Server 73 initially enjoyed the advantage of the highest power ranking, the early days of this season quickly revealed that they were outmatched by the sheer might and tactical brilliance of Server 105.

Server 73, backed by several formidable individual players often referred to as “whales,” presented a formidable challenge to their rivals. However, despite uniting their forces in a collective effort, the combined servers’ coalition failed to curb Server 105’s dominance. As a result, Server 105 now stands as the sole occupant of the entire map, a testament to their strategic prowess.

One critical aspect that emerged during this season’s war was Server 73’s unique position as a two-kingdom server. While they possessed greater overall power, this limitation restricted them to launching a maximum of only two rally attacks simultaneously. In contrast, Server 105 harnessed the strength of three full whale rallies, which played a pivotal role in securing crucial victories.

Beyond the restrictions of rally limits, Server 105 demonstrated their numerical advantage with an abundance of active high-power players. This abundance of resources allowed them to swiftly swarm the map, conducting successful sieges on gates and cities across all zones. This strategic flexibility further solidified Server 105’s dominance in the current season.

The unfolding events in this season of Legion of Frostborne within Battlegroup 111 serve as a testament to the multifaceted nature of power dynamics. While Server 73 boasted some of the most influential individual players, Server 105 showcased the importance of not only raw strength but also strategic agility and numerical superiority.

As the season progresses, the Legion of Frostborne continues to be a proving ground where alliances shift, strategies evolve, and dominance remains elusive, making each season a captivating saga in its own right. Server 105’s rise to prominence serves as a reminder that in the ever-changing landscape of Battlegroup 111, one must not only possess power but also the skill and the numbers to defend it.

Published: 19-09-2023

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