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Muhammad II aka Mehmet II

Infinity Kingdom have a new Immortal taking the field. Muhammad II or Mehmet II as the person whom the Immortal is based on was called, is a new earth type Immortal. There are many interesting things about this Immortal which you should know about earth-user or not! He will likely shake things up a bit.

General Info

  • Role: Frontline damage dealer
  • Earth element
  • Leads spearmen (new possibility for earth to wield spears!)

How to unlock him?

He is this seasons Immortal release, meaning he is available in the shop (atleast) during this season. The shop has 2 types of available bundles resetting daily.

  1. The first bundle costs 2.99$ and contain 1x Muhammad II Chest with 5-10 Fragments inside.
  2. The second bundle costs 4.99$ and contains 2x Muhammad II Chests also with 5-10 Fragments inside each.

Having unlocked Muhammad II and given him a couple of starts at the time of writing, these chests are usually 6-8 Fragments each, they seem pretty generous (or I have been lucky). This means that you will get around 20-22 Fragments for 8$ = around 25$ to unlock.

Either the devs has changed the bundles avaible or the shop changes as you unlock Muhammad II. Initially I was able to purchase 2 of each bundles, now I can only buy one of each.

Muhammad II Shop Bundles

For more info on the shop and bundles, please see: Game-shop-all-the-bundles/all-bundles-available/

Maxing Muhammad II

He is NOT available in the Market nor in the Pearl Shop upon unlock. You have to max him from the shop bundles. This will cost you a bit of cash, please see my calculations below if you aim to unlock and rely on him in your army.

Daily 3x chest lootFragments to Max (incl. artifact)Number of chests required
Daily Chest costNumber of chests requiredTotal Cost to Max
8 USD48.5388 USD

Muhammad II Ultimate Ability

Muhammad II

Ultimate Ability: Choking Slash

Remove all debuffs you have and deal physical damage (Damage Rate 600%) to the enemy directly ahead. If the enemy dodges this damage, the skill will cast again immediately without consuming energy and deals 30% increased damage and cannot be dodged.

Damage Rate: 180% / 240% / 300% / 360% / 420% / 480% / 540% / 600%

His ultimate ability is very interesting for a number of reasons:

  1. “Remove all debuffs you have”

Many of the strongest abilities and passives in Infinity Kingdom are debuffs. The ability to remove these means that Muhammad II will remove things like YSG’s defense transfer, Genghis Khan & Emporor Qin’s Woulds debuffs, Baldwin IV’s magic damage debuff and Bathony’s damage over Time ability. In addition, passives are also despellable. For instance, the passives fire nova, garrote, energy suppression will all be removed.

He will remove ALL DEBUFFS making him very strong against any march relying on dot-damage and debuffing! Read much more about debuffs here in my guide on buffs and debuff types.

2. “If the enemy dodges this damage, the skill will cast again immediately without consuming energy and deals 30% increased damage and cannot be dodged”.

Accuracy is the most important stat / attribute to have on any of the physical damage Immortals (read more in my guide on stats/attributes here). This is simply because the damage potential lost from a missed attack is 100% and thus a ton of lost DPS if your Immortal is missing. This is also why Coercion and Misleading are amongst the strongest passives in the game in a physical damage meta and why the Holy Immortal Manco Cápac is VERY strong (25% dodge buff to all allies).

The ability to not only completly ignore dodge rate and accuracy requirements, means you could build Muhammad II with pure damage modifier artifacts because any dodgeing enemy will only increase his damage dealt!

Published: 07-02-2022

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