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Guide to Infernal Assault in Infinity Kingdom

Infernal Assault is an incredibly important event for every player in Infinity Kingdom – why? Simple, it is the single best method of obtaining vast piles of gold. Gold is arguably the most precious resource in the game (perhaps only surpassed by pure gems and VIP points). Gold is required in massive amounts to upgrade your Immortals and Dragons and is something that every player struggles to ever get enough of. Therefore, you need to take advantage of every Infernal Assault event and earn as much gold as you can.

With these builds, I am able to kill Infernal Assault camps and cores at level 43 with very low losses with an avg. troop loss of around 300-350 per fight. Very manageable and hugely rewarding! I hope you enjoyed this guide; good luck farming your billions!

Published: 20-01-2024

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