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Greetings, valiant commanders! In our relentless pursuit through the Time Rift, today’s focus is on the fearsome adversary known as Amplify. Unlike the previous boss, Venom, who showered us with continuous magical damage, Amplify opts for a different approach—delivering colossal physical blows in a few decisive strikes. In this guide, we’ll unravel the intricacies of Amplify’s tactics, weaknesses, and share strategies to maximize your damage potential.

  • Prioritize Hippolytta for energy control.
  • Utilize Absolute Defense and Life-Link for tank survivability.
  • Maximize dodge rate for additional defense.
  • Experiment with damage boons and skills for increased damage output.

In conclusion, Amplify demands a strategic approach that balances offense and defense. Adapt your build to counter the boss’s mechanics, exploit weaknesses, and lead your Immortals to victory. May your strategies be sound, and your hits be colossal, commanders!

Published: 19-11-2023

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