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Welcome, fearless commanders, to a strategic journey through the enigmatic realms of the Time Rift. In this guide, we delve deep into the lair of one of the most formidable adversaries you’ll encounter: Venom, the Time Rift Breaker Boss. As the arachnid terrorizes your Immortals with relentless Magical Damage and the dreaded Dark Harvest, your path to victory requires not only mastery of your forces but also a keen understanding of Venom’s weaknesses and unique mechanics.

Prepare your Immortals, sharpen your skills, and join us on a quest to conquer the venomous threat that lurks within the depths of the Time Rift. Victory awaits those who dare to face Venom head-on, armed with knowledge, strategy, and the will to emerge triumphant. Commanders, let the battle against Venom begin!

Published: 16-11-2023

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