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Welcome to the Infinity Kingdom Wiki! This short guide will provide you with the essential steps to kickstart your journey in the latest update. From upgrading your Castle to managing resources and enhancing your Immortals, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive in and discover the key actions to take as you log in to the game.

Acquire Aether: As soon as you log in, collect your 15 Aether. You can use this valuable resource to upgrade your Castle and unlock new features.

Upgrade Your Castle: The Castle serves as the central hub of your kingdom. Prioritize upgrading it using the Aether you’ve obtained. Higher-level Castles unlock additional buildings, technologies, and Immortals. If you have the option, consider purchasing Aether from the in-game store to expedite the upgrade process.

Maintain Production in the Forge: The Forge is where you produce Aether. Since production cannot be sped up, it’s crucial to ensure that your Forge is always active and producing Aether. To maximize efficiency, produce Aether in small batches of 5 at a time. This allows you to continually upgrade while keeping production consistent. Never let a Forge sit idle!

Focus on Essential Upgrades: While it’s exciting to have new levels for buildings, technologies, and Immortals, prioritize the most essential upgrades first. Allocate your Aether towards improvements that enhance resource production, defensive structures, and research capabilities. This strategic approach will strengthen your kingdom’s foundation.

Upgrade Immortal Technology: The Immortal technology tree plays a crucial role in enhancing your Immortals’ power and abilities. Prioritize upgrading your Immortal technology nodes to unlock new bonuses and increase the overall strength of your Immortals. Invest Aether in unlocking and improving these nodes as soon as possible.

Level Up Your Immortals: To boost the power of your Immortals, focus on two key aspects: completing the Well of Time and farming Gnomes. The Well of Time provides boost levels, which enhance your Immortals’ base attributes. Regularly complete the Well of Time challenges to accumulate boost levels.

Additionally, farm Gnomes to earn experience (EXP) levels, which directly increase your Immortals’ overall level and capabilities. Keep an eye out for Gnomes on the map and defeat them in battle to obtain valuable EXP.


Congratulations on completing the beginner’s guide for the latest update in Infinity Kingdom! By following these steps, you’ve set a solid foundation for your kingdom’s growth and success. Remember to prioritize upgrading your Castle, maintain production in the Forge, and focus on essential upgrades. Additionally, don’t forget to upgrade your Immortal technology and level up your Immortals through the Well of Time and Gnome farming. Stay active, adapt your strategies, and collaborate with fellow players to unlock the full potential of your kingdom. Best of luck on your epic journey in Infinity Kingdom!

Remember to stay engaged, adapt your strategies, and collaborate with other players to unlock the full potential of your kingdom in Infinity Kingdom. Good luck and may your Immortals’ power shine throughout the realm!

Published: 06-07-2023

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