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Unwrapping the Snow Festival: A teaser for the Infinity Kingdom’Winter Celebration

Greetings, valiant commanders! As the winter winds whisper tales of festivities, a recent official post has unveiled the upcoming Snow Festival in Infinity Kingdom. In this guide, we’ll closely examine the details shared in the post, decoding what commanders can expect from this eagerly anticipated Christmas event. Join us as we delve into the specifics and highlight the exciting opportunities that await you during this festive season. Overall the event looks to include many of the familiar elements that we know from other seasonal events – daily quests, farming of gnomes and resources, as well as event specific bundles and rewards. However, there is a new feature “Winter Adventure” which looks to be similar to the Dice event we know already, but with much better rewards!

Post Highlights:

“The Snow Festival will begin on December 24th and runs through December 29th (Enjoy five full days of events, with the sixth day reserved for settling up – you can still claim and redeem rewards on this day). Come and enjoy the most wonderful moments in the Norheim continent! Let’s take a look at the detailed event rules!”

“Logins: Log in to obtain rewards each day.”

“Missions: Completing Snow Festival missions to obtain ‘Snow Festival Boxes’ and multiple rewards. Accumulate progress to receive rewards such as Stardust and Snow Festival Dice (Lords above S2 can also receive Athena Soul Crystal).”

“Decor Party: Use the ‘Snow Festival Boxes’ obtained from completing missions to decorate your Snow Festival! Increasing your decor level to unlock generous rewards, and unlocking extra reward tiers can earn you additional bonuses.”

“Winter Adventure: Progress the snowman by rolling dice (obtainable through the Decor Party, festival missions, and pack purchases) and win rewards such as Gem, Acceleration Item, Philosopher’s Stone, and Resource.”

“Special Drops: During the event, gathering and collecting resources, defeating Gnomes’ Army and Gnome Bosses will have a chance to drop Snow Festival Chest. Chests contain Snow Festival Souvenir Coins and random rewards.”

“Reward Redemption: Use Souvenir Coins (obtained by completing Snow Festival missions) to redeem your desired gifts. Available gifts include Stardust, Speedup, Epic Schematics Selection Chest, and Resource Selection Chest.”

“Snow Festival Limited-Time Pack: The Limited-Time Snow Festival pack has 5 levels. Purchase current level to unlock the next. The packages contain a large number of dices, which can be used to unlock multiple rewards in the Winter Adventure.”

“The Snow Festival will begin on December 24th UTC, and last until December 29th! Don’t miss out, and let’s celebrate the holidays together!”

Read the full official post here

What It Means for Players:

The Snow Festival promises five days of immersive events, with an additional day for settling up. Daily logins ensure you’re greeted with surprises, while engaging in Snow Festival missions grants access to valuable Snow Festival Boxes and rewards, including Stardust and Snow Festival Dice. Lords above S2 can even secure the prestigious Athena Soul Crystal through mission progression.

The Decor Party adds a creative touch, allowing you to use Snow Festival Boxes for festive decorations. Elevate your decor level to unlock generous rewards and additional bonuses. The Winter Adventure, fueled by dice rolls, offers enticing rewards like Gems, Acceleration Items, Philosopher’s Stones, and Resources. Keep an eye out for Roulette tickets among the rewards for an extra layer of excitement.

Special Drops, obtained through resource gathering and defeating Gnomes’ Army, present Snow Festival Chests containing Souvenir Coins and random rewards. Accumulate these Souvenir Coins through missions and redeem them for gifts of your choice, ranging from Stardust to Epic Schematics Selection Chests and more.

To sweeten the festive pot, the Snow Festival Limited-Time Pack, available in five levels, contains an abundance of dices. Purchasing each level unlocks the next, providing you with the means to unlock multiple rewards in the Winter Adventure.

Most notably, this event presents a golden opportunity for commanders to secure fragments for their shadow, holy, and the elusive Chaos immortals. Strategize wisely, seize the festive opportunities, and celebrate the holidays with a bang in the enchanting world of Infinity Kingdom!

Published: 20-12-2023

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