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〓Patch 1.8 FAQ〓

Dear Lords, we’ve received a lot of feedback after the 1.8 update.

There are some misunderstandings between us on some questions for various reasons. We have collected some questions that many lords asked and made answers.

Here are the details:

• My translator is broken.

We are deeply sorry about the inconvenience, the translation problem will be fixed as soon as possible.

When will the new level cap come?

Dear lord, the new level cap will appear when you get in Season 2. In this patch, it should be 17 Jan.

• Who can see new levels?

Every lord in Season 2 can see new levels.

• Will I enter Season 2?

As we announced by in-game mail, if your server has attended the last Legion of Frostborne, you can get in Season 2 on 17 January. Which means, sever 1-88, 90, 91, 94-99.

• How to level up new buildings?

As usual, like how you level up buildings you have now. There won’t be new kinds of resources as a level lock.

• Will ToK skill level cap get higher?

No, the ToK skill level cap is still lvl. 8

• How and where can I unlock new ToK skills?

There will be 2 different kinds of ToK skills. Some can be unlocked by soul crystal as usual. Some will be unlocked by Ability Stones.

• How can I get ability stones?

Some can be get from Legion of Frostborne shop by cold silver coins, some can be got by events.

• Did new skills only cost soul crystal after unlock?

Yes, my lord, all ToK skills only cost soul crystals to level up.

• I had the test season, and now I can’t see ability stones but those who didn’t can.

Dear Lord, if you check your Legion of Frostborne shop, you can find it shows Test Season still. We will send you to season 2 on Jan. 17th and the showing will be changed. Please wait patiently.

• I can’t migrate after Jan. 16th?

Dear Lord, after Jan 16th, you will enter Season 2, preparation time. You can still migrate to servers in season 2 during preparation time, but can’t move to servers in another season due to the season system limitation.

• Why I don’t have the 200/300 days frame?

Dear Lord, the 200 days frame are for lords who have consecutive login for 200 days and 300 days frame for lords who total log in 300 days. You can check it by clicking your avatar, and then clicking statistics. If there is any problem, you can find customer service for help.

• Did you change ToK skills which didn’t mentioned in the patch note?

Dear Lord, we had a showing problem with some ToK skills data before, and now they have been fixed. Only Energy Burst changed.

• When I reset my ToK skills, it shows 0 soul crystal will be returned, what happened?

Dear Lord, it’s a showing problem which has been noticed, it will be fixed today.

• I saw the rainy spring event, but it’s broken.

Dear Lord, we are sorry for the inconvenience bring to you, it’s a showing problem, the real event will begin on Jan. 15th. We’ll fix it as soon as possible.

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