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Youth festival is here: How to get free gifts!

In the lands of Norheim the youth festival “Breath of the East” has begun today! With it, players are invited to participate in small tasks and to invite each other to participate. As a community players can band together to progress the festival’s through stages and earn big rewards!

This event is a Gtarcade platform event, meaning that it is an event where players from all of the Gtarcade games can participate. When enough players engage, rewards are unlocked for all in the game(s) that they play. This article is Infinity Kingdom exclusive.

What to do?

Click the event ingame or access it via a friends share-link – or via direct link here: https://events.gtarcade.com/go616

How to participate?

  1. You can participate by clicking “Heritage Guardian”
  2. Doing the “Youth Archaeology challenge”
  3. And finally you can complete the “Starfire Legend”

What about all the invites?

  1. Click the “Starfire Help” button
  2. You will get your own invitational code
  3. Forward this code to your friends. Remember to help your friends too!

The invitational codes can be used once per account. This means you are able to help out one of your friends via each of your accounts (required a VPN if you want to participate using multiple accounts).

When do we get rewards?

We get rewards in two ways:

  1. When 3/3 people use your code to access the event / enters in the event code entry. Once this is done, you will recieve an ingame mail with invitational rewards.
  2. When the event progress through the stages, all participating players get rewards. The rewards are different from each stage and from each game (this is a cross-game Gtarcade event). See the progress bar of the event to see how the stages are progressing. Once 5 million players participate, the final rewards will be unlocked for all! So get out there and invite your friends to participate.

Rewards for Infinity Kingdom


$14.99 Pack: Gem x100, 5min Training Speedup x30, 5min Healing Speedup x30, War Chest x1, Revenge Order x1

$19.99 Pack: Gem x150, Elite Key to Dragon Chest x1, Rare Key to Dragon Chest x2, Uncommon Key to Dragon Chest x3, Random Relocation x1

$29.99 Pack: Gem x200, 1h Enhanced Gathering x3, Great Supply Pack x1, Advanced Time Chest x3, Territorial Relocation x1

$59.99 Pack: Gem x350, Philosopher Stone x9, Epic Soul Crystal Chest x1, Elite Merchant’s Collection x1, Market Order x30

Happy festival everyone! I hope to see a 5 million unlock so we all can share in the juicy free gifts 😀

Published: 06-06-2022

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