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🏰 Conquer the Summit: New Immortals Ascend in King of the Hill! ⛰️

Hail, valiant warriors of Infinity Kingdom! Brace yourselves for a monumental announcement that is set to reverberate across the realm like the echoes of thunderous applause in a grand arena. The King of the Hill event is undergoing an awe-inspiring transformation, bringing forth legendary Immortals who have long been the stuff of epic tales and whispered legends.

🛡️ A Gathering of Titans: Trajan, Mathilda, Tokugawa, and More! 🏆

Prepare to stand in the presence of greatness as the Immortal pantheon expands to welcome new titans to its ranks. Trajan, the indomitable conqueror, Mathilda, the enigmatic seer, Tokugawa, the masterful strategist—these illustrious names are but the beginning of the roster of Immortals making their mark on the King of the Hill event. And rumor has it that even more awe-inspiring figures may yet join this prestigious assembly!

⚔️ The Battlefield Awaits Your Command! ⚔️

The King of the Hill event has always been a crucible of valor and strategy, where the mightiest champions lock horns in fierce competition. Now, with the infusion of these iconic Immortals, the stakes have been raised to unparalleled heights. Will you seize the opportunity to command the unparalleled skills and strengths of these legends? The battlefield is your proving ground, and the spoils of victory are nothing short of legendary.

💫 A Limited-Time Blessing, Now an Endless Opportunity! 🌟

Once confined to the ephemeral realms of the end of server-versus-server seasons, the chance to claim these Immortals has now been granted an extension—an opportunity that transcends the boundaries of time itself. With their arrival in the King of the Hill event, you have the chance to forge an unbreakable bond with these timeless heroes, securing their allegiance to your cause and ensuring your dominion remains unassailable.

🏞️ Ascend to Greatness, Claim Your Immortals! 🏞️

Warriors of Infinity, the hour of destiny is upon us! Stand ready to ascend to new heights of power and influence as the King of the Hill event unveils its treasure trove of Immortals. Trajan, Mathilda, Tokugawa, and those yet to be revealed await your call. Forge your path to victory, gather your allies, and etch your name into the annals of history.

For more information, strategy discussions, and real-time updates, join the Infinity Kingdom community and follow us on social media. The battleground awaits your triumphant entry—will you rise to the challenge and claim your place among the Immortal legends?

Published: 08-08-2023

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