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Attention adventurers of Norheim, the cross-server spider competition has returned!

We’re delighted to unveil the long-awaited return of the Spider Competition with Round 4! As the echoes of the Legion of Frostborn (SvS) season fade away, a new era of arachnid excellence is upon us. It’s time to once again embrace the challenge and embark on a thrilling journey in the world of Infinity Kingdom.

The spider competition, briefly put on hold due to the fervor of the Legion of Frostborn (SvS) season, is reawakening across all servers. With the closure of that epic chapter, we now usher in a fresh round of the Spider Competition that promises to be even more enthralling than before.

As the grand tapestry of competition unfolds, we’ve made significant enhancements to ensure an equitable and stimulating experience for all. We present to you not one, but two distinct brackets, each designed to test your mettle and foster camaraderie:

  • The Master’s Bracket: Exclusively tailored for those who’ve nurtured their spider allies to achieve level 100.
  • The Rising Stars Bracket: Welcoming all spiders below level 100, this tier ensures that every aspiring contender can partake and flaunt their strategic prowess.

Mark your calendars for the commencement of Round 4, set to begin on Saturday the 5th of August. The fervor will persist until Sunday the 13th of August at 23.59, offering a limited-time window to showcase your spider’s finesse and secure remarkable rewards. It’s time to unravel the treasure trove that awaits:

The Master’s Bracket (Level 100 Spiders):
1st Place: 2000 gems
2nd Place: 1200 gems
3rd Place: 800 gems
4th to 10th Place: 500 gems each
11th to 20th Place: 300 gems each

The Rising Stars Bracket (Spiders below Level 100):
1st Place: 500 gems
2nd to 10th Place: 300 gems each

To partake in this illustrious competition, simply capture an awe-inspiring screenshot of your most spectacular assault (one entry per player). Attach it alongside your player credentials, Lord ID and home server information. Submissions are accepted within the competition timeframe, spanning from the 5th of August to the 13th of August at 23.59.

Remember, only assaults launched during this interval will be considered for the competition. Share your captures within the designated channel on the official Game Discord, allowing your peers to marvel at the prowess of your arachnid companion. Whether you’re a seasoned strategist or a budding web-weaver, seize this moment to shine. Embrace the novelties of the brackets and establish your dominance among the elite.

With anticipation rising, prepare to dive into Round 4 of the Cross Server Spider Competition. Arm yourselves for an exhilarating clash of finesse, resolve, and unyielding determination. May the most formidable spiders emerge as triumphant legends!

Best of luck to all contenders, as you weave your destinies into the annals of greatness. May your webs be unbreakable and your triumphs resound throughout Infinity Kingdom!

Published: 02-08-2023

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