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Attention, brave adventurers of the cross-server realm!

We are thrilled to announce the highly anticipated Round 3 of the Cross Server Spider Competition. Prepare to weave your web of strategy and unleash the power of your arachnid allies in an epic battle for glory. Get ready to climb to new heights as we introduce exciting changes to the competition!

This time, we have two separate brackets to ensure fair and challenging gameplay. The first bracket is exclusively for those who have mastered their spider companions and reached level 100. The second bracket is open to all spiders below level 100, allowing players of all levels to participate and showcase their skills.

The competition is set to commence on the 14th of June and will come to a close on the 28th of June. During this period, you will have the opportunity to demonstrate your spider’s prowess and earn fantastic rewards. Now, let’s delve into the prize pool for each bracket:

Upper Bracket (Level 100 Spiders):
1st Place: 2000 gems
2nd Place: 1200 gems
3rd Place: 800 gems
4th to 10th Place: 500 gems each
11th to 20th Place: 300 gems each

Lower Bracket (Spiders below Level 100):
1st Place: 500 gems
2nd to
10th Place: 300 gems each

To enter the competition, simply capture a screenshot of your most impressive spider attack and submit it along with your player information and resident server. The submission must be made within the competition timeframe, from the 14th of June through the 28th of June.

Remember, only attacks made during this period will be considered valid for the competition. Share your screenshots in the dedicated channel on the official Game Discord, and let your fellow competitors marvel at your spider’s might.

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a budding arachnid enthusiast, this is your chance to shine. Take advantage of the new brackets and claim your place among the top contenders. Sharpen your strategies, gather your allies, and be ready to spin a web of victory.

The countdown to the Cross Server Spider Competition Round 3 has begun. Brace yourselves for an intense battle of skill, determination, and relentless perseverance. May the most formidable spiders emerge triumphant!

Good luck to all participants, and may your webs be strong and your victories be legendary!

Published: 13-06-2023

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