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CHAOS in Infinity Kingdom! Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new element coming to Norheim: Chaos.

What do we know right now?

  • We know that Chaos is a new element
  • We know chaos will shift element based on the rest of the immortals and work towards elemental bonuses of any kind.
  • We know that Loki is the first Chaos Immortal
  • First Immortal Loki is released for servers in Season 2 and above

This element is something completly new. So far we have had strong buffs by combining Immortals of the same elements in our marches. Despite these buffs, we have seen some of the most powerful builds be hybrids or atleast not 5-stacked elemental setups. Why? Because the 5th elemental bonus is no where near as powerful as the 3- and 4 elemental buffs.

That being said, only very few builds have been able to work in end-game without the 4th elemental buff, let’s be honest. It’s just wind-earth that really works as a 3-bonus build… What this means is that we have been locked into our elemental stables and forced to not use interesting Immortals in our builds as to not loose our precious bonuses. No more!

Chaos element is pure chaos and turns our elemental thinking upside down. Chaos Immortals will count towards ANY elemental bonus, meaning you can suddenly compose much more complex and sophisticated builds!

This has potential huge impacts on the way we think build setups in Infinity Kingdom. For instance, for most earth builds, we want to run Khan or Bathony in the backline with either Zeno or Cleopatra. Because we need the 4 bonus, not because we particularly like Cleo.

Well now we can use Chaos Loki with Khan in the back (for example) and still have our 4-elemental earth bonus with only Alex, Charles and our dragon.

For now we only have Loki as a Chaos Immortal. But as the stable of Chaos Immortals grow, the opportunities for creating many different builds explode as we break free from the limits of elemental bonuses

I am absolutely amazed with this new element. And I think we are going to see a lot more interesting builds in a much more complex meta rise as more Immortals are released from the Chaos element (redigeret)

What do we not know?

  • We do not know how many immortals will be released as chaos
  • We do not know if they are going to be free to play or pay to play
  • We do not know what kind of an in-game event will be used to unlock them

I personally hold a candle of prayer for the sake of the Infinity Kingdom Community and wish that atleast some of these new Chaos Immortals are going to be free for all players, I think that would be the single best decision ever made by the dev team. Infinity Kingdom’s life spam will expand by multiple years if we free to plays are given the tools to theorycraft and compose complex setups involving some of the many strong free to play Immortals that currently cannot be used because achieving elemental bonuses are behind P2W barriers. For example, end-game lightning: If we can make a march with YSG-Loki-Richard-Peter we can suddenly compose something as a 100% F2P. Or build 3-bonus holy marches with Gilga-Loki-Joan.

Who is Loki??

  • Element: Chaos
  • Rarity: Legendary
  • Troop Type: Bowmen      
  • Class: Magic

Ultimate Ability: Realm of Lies—Deals magical damage to all enemies and has a chance to cause Confuse for 6 seconds. If the target is inflicted with Bleed or Tear, the chance of inflicting Confuse will be increased by 25%.

What is confuse?

Confuse is a control mechanic that was introduced with the Shadow Immortal Tomyris. Confusing an Immortal means that the Immortal becomes well.. confused.. and begin to attack it’s own fellow Immortals. A very powerful ability that I can see being very very powerful if the chance is high enough, which given it’s interaction with Bleed and Tear mechanics, it seems we can quite easily reach!

We do not know what the base % chance to confuse is, but we know that simply by having both Tear and Bleed on your enemies you can boost the chance to confuse by 25% each (50% if both are active).

What is Bleed and Tear?

Bleed and Tear are both Damage over Time (DoT) effects. These are derived from the Tower of Knowledge Passives Garrote and Chaotic Blade.

This means he potentially will perform very well in control centric builds and that he will scale well for developing/growing players relying on Chaotic Blade and Garrote. Likewise, for end-game players, he will likely perform well in second or third marches given his synergy with these passives.

How to Obtain: All servers that reach Season 2 will unlock Loki. Loki fragments can be obtained from events. Check your server’s Calendar for more details.

Published: 08-11-2022

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