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Excitement is in the air as a monumental update has just hit Infinity Kingdom, setting the stage for an epic race to the coveted Castle level 60! The latest update, specifically tailored for iPad devices, introduces a game-changing addition: New artifact materials and forge level 60!

This newly enhanced building holds the key to unlocking powerful artifact materials, tantalizing players with the promise of unprecedented strength and dominance. Get ready, fellow warriors, as we dive into the details of this exhilarating update and prepare ourselves for the upcoming race to Castle level 60!

With its upgrade to level 60, it unveils brand-new artifact materials, previously unattainable. These materials hold the potential to unlock new power – maybe an entirely new tier of artifacts? Maybe a new method to upgrading artifacts?

We do not know – but we do know that Castle level 60 just got a whole lost closer! The introduction of the Forge’s new artifact materials strongly suggests that Castle level 60 is just around the corner. As the cap for all buildings and the Castle currently stands at level 50, this significant update hints at an imminent unlocking of higher levels, thrusting players into an exhilarating race to ascend their Castles to unprecedented heights.

Now is the time to prepare, strategize, and rally your forces. As Castle level 60 beckons, a race for dominance will ensue, and only the most dedicated and astute players will claim victory. Sharpen your blades, fortify your defenses, and ready your farms and stock up on speed ups while you can.

The arrival of the Forge’s new artifact materials and the tantalizing promise of Castle level 60 mark a pivotal moment in the history of Infinity Kingdom. The race has begun, and the outcome will shape the future of countless kingdoms. Will you rise to the challenge, secure victory, and etch your name in the annals of greatness? Brace yourselves, fellow warriors, for the race to Castle level 60 has begun, and the destiny of your kingdom awaits!

Published: 12-05-2023

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