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Get ready everyone! We are about to have another chance at the absolute best skin available in Infinity Kingdom! CELEBRATION!

Today we had this news from the IK team’s Facebook page (post here)

The Return of the Classic event is coming soon!🥳 The special Territory Decoration “The Great Celebration” will be making a comeback from May 27th-May 31st 🎉(available for servers that have been open for 7 days or more)! Players who missed out on the Biannual Celebration now have a chance to get “Mark of Blessing” items from giftpacks to exchange for this Territory Decoration in the Return of the Classic event! By the way, this decoration was designed based on Lucasta! Check it out, do you see Lucasta’s tower?

What does this mean for you?

This means, that if you are like me and missed out on the Celebration skin last year – or you are a new player not around last year – you can finally obtain the best skin in the game – get ready tomorrow and earn that juicy buff!

Why is Celebration “best skin in the game?”

It is simple, we have skins that provide many different buffs and bonuses, e.g. tech speed, healing speed, bonus honor, bonus gold, rss farming, AP recovery. And then there is Celebration skin. Celebration skin buffs your troops HP by 2%

2% might not sound like much, but it is! More HP means more survivability and in turn more damage. In Infinity Kingdom, keeping your armies as high on HP as possible – and thus troops – is critical to victory. 2% makes a big difference.

See you tomorrow when we celebrate our great celebration skin!

Published: 26-05-2022

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