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As you probably have seen, devs released patch notes for 2.1 earlier today. There are many interesting things inside these notes like (1) Training Camp test environments, (2) Non-forced updates and bit of Ragnar balancing (not that anyone has him maxed yet).

By far the biggest news from is the introduction of “Training Camp”. This is a new feature that will change the game forever! Let’s have a look shall we…

The official patch notes

1. Training Camp

You can use the Training Camp to change your units and the external attributes (equipment/artifact/passive skills) of  your Immortals, then fight trial battles against enemy units recommended by the system. This will allow you to optimize your strategy and Immortal development based on the battle results. The various changes made in the Training Camp will not affect your actual units or troops outside the camp, and no actual costs and losses will result.

  • Unlock Conditions: Castle reached Lv.18.
  • How to Access: After meeting the unlock conditions, tap the Arena to see a new Training Camp button. Tap the button to enter the Training Camp.
  • Your Unit: You can assign any Immortals or dragons you own to your unit. You can also equip any equipment, artifacts, or passive skills you have.
  • Enemy Unit: Enemy units are recommended by the system. However, you can select the level bracket of the enemy Immortals. Each grade corresponds to a fixed set of parameters, including dragon level, dragon skill level, and Immortal level, class, Star Grade, equipment, and artifacts.

Why is this a big deal you ask?

This is awesome news for all of us IK-heads! Many of us have been asking (and praying) for the devs to allow for proper testing of Immortals, dragons, artifacts and passives. Finally the day is here!

With this new system you are able to setup your marches precisely like you do in the normal games arena. You will not have access to every Immortal, passive, artifact etc. unless you have set thing unlocked.

What you can do now, is construct opponents precisely as you want them. Meaning you have free roam to create any enemy team to battle against – and more importantly – to battle against a 100% identical opponent an infinite amount of times. This means, we can conduct thorough testing of every single Immortal skill, passive, artifact, dragon, etc.

If you are like me, you have been wanting to know precisely what difference does changing x for x make? E.g. chase procs from DB versus Fire Nova? or is Anger more value on Atilla, Herald or Yoshi? We can now find out! As soon as 2.1 hits the servers we can setup our team and do 1000 battles if that is what it takes to gain consistent insights into a specific change.

Share what you find!

When you yourself have fetched your scientist-hat from the lab and put on your coat for a hefty day of IK-testing and theorycrafting, I hope that you will share your knowledge and data with other like-minded people. I invite you to join my discord server, or to go there and share yours or one that you know if you are already engaged in a community like this.

With Training Camps live soon, theorycrafting can finally become more than theory – I hope many of you will be testing out everything you can imagine and share your knowledge with the community! <3

IK-Wiki Discord @ 9pA3gpgkVQ

Published: 17-05-2022

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