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Infinity Kingdom, the immersive strategy game, has introduced a thrilling update that unveils a range of new artifacts for Immortals. These artifacts cater to the various Immortal types, including Attack, Defense, Magic, Ranged, and Support. Additionally, exclusive artifact releases have been made for Chaos Immortals Loki and Wukong, adding a new dimension to their abilities.

The Arsenal Expands: Attack, Defense, Magic, Ranged, and Support Artifacts

To cater to the diverse strategic needs of players, Infinity Kingdom’s latest update brings forth a comprehensive selection of artifacts across all immortality types. Whether you prefer unleashing devastating attacks, fortifying your defenses, wielding mystical magic, raining down arrows from afar, or providing invaluable support to your allies, the new artifact releases have something for everyone. There has been new releases of artifacts recently and at this stage I believe every single Immortal has a unique artifact to unlock. See all the different categories and all artifacts below.

  • Attack Artifacts: These artifacts are designed to maximize the offensive potential of your Immortals, enhancing their strength, critical hits, and overall damage output.
  • Defense Artifacts: For those who prioritize fortifying their Immortals’ resilience, the new defense artifacts provide increased durability, damage reduction, and improved survivability.
  • Magic Artifacts: Masters of arcane power will find solace in the enchanting array of magic artifacts, augmenting spell damage, mana regeneration, and spellcasting efficiency.
  • Ranged Artifacts: Archers and ranged Immortals can now harness the might of new artifacts tailored to enhance their precision, attack speed, and ranged prowess.
  • Support Artifacts: Immortals focused on providing essential aid to their allies will discover a range of support artifacts that boost healing abilities, energy generation, and crowd control effects.

Chaos Immortal Artifact Expansion:

Exclusive Artifact Releases for Chaos Immortals:

Loki, the Deceptive Trickster: Artifact is turning Loki’s amazing control and damage ability into one of the strongest healing abilities in the game on top of what it already is. Extreemly powerful artifact that makes Loki one if not the best Immortal of all time.

Wukong, the Monkey King: Artifact is tapping into Wukong’s agility and versatile combat style, granting additional bonuses to the effect of his ability.


The introduction of these artifacts provides players with new avenues for strategy and team synergy among their Immortals. By carefully selecting and equipping artifacts, players can optimize their Immortals’ strengths and exploit their adversaries’ weaknesses.

In conclusion, Infinity Kingdom’s recent artifact release marks an exciting milestone in the game’s evolution. With a diverse range of artifacts for all Immortal types and exclusive releases for Chaos Immortals Loki and Wukong, players can now further customize their strategies and unlock the true potential of their Immortal armies.

Published: 05-06-2023

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