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First look at the season 4 playoff builds

Infinity Kingdom’s Illusion Battlefield Prime League: Season 4 Playoffs Builds Guide

Hey fellow Infinity Kingdom enthusiasts! I’m here to share some insights into the first round of the Prime League playoffs for Season 4. We’ve seen a variety of strategies, but I’ll focus on three particular builds that caught my eye. Remember, the meta is ever-evolving; use these builds as a starting point to innovate and adapt for the rounds ahead.

The first round of the Prime League playoffs for Season 4 has showcased a variety of setups. I’ve observed water setups, multiple fire setups (Cyrus + Seondeok, Wu + Khan), as well as earth builds. In this guide, we’ll examine three builds that have shown promising performance in the first round.

Players should note, however, that these builds might not remain effective throughout the entire season, as everyone is continuously improving and countering them. Therefore, this guide should serve as inspiration and a foundational baseline, which players can use to experiment and develop further. Consider it as the groundwork for your next meta build as you theorize and test builds in Round 2. Think of this guide as my way of gauging the effectiveness of the different elemental combinations we’ve seen, making educated guesses about what’s working currently, and identifying which builds have the potential to be refined further, possibly becoming the best build of the season. Let’s dive in!

1. Water Builds: The Icy Control

Using Merlin, Dido, Attila, and either Ragnar or Charles seems to be a popular trend. This team composition relies on freeze control from the water dragon, control from Attila, and Tower of Knowledge skills such as “No Escape” and possibly “Weakening Curse.” If built defensively, you can achieve significant healing and sustain the water dragon, especially when combined with Charles. If you opt for Ragnar, focus on maximizing Merlin’s damage output, as you’ll be relying on Ragnar’s debuff windows for massive AOE damage hits.

  • Defensive Strategy: Pairing the water dragon with Charles can greatly enhance your healing and sustainability.
  • Offensive Flair with Ragnar: If you opt for Ragnar, focus on maximizing Merlin’s damage output. Ragnar’s debuff can create opportunities for devastating AOE damage.

2. Fire Builds: The Blazing Fury

Fire was the undisputed champion of the pre-league stage of the IB Prime League, but it falls somewhat short in the playoff stage. Despite this, I’ve observed strong teams successfully running fire setups. If you choose to stick with fire, ensure you have an alternative formation ready, especially if your opponent is using robust water builds. Fire builds depend on delivering a high amount of damage in a very short time. Achieving high critical hit rates is crucial, and having reliable control over the enemy’s energy regeneration can quickly give you an edge in troop engagements.

a. Cyrus + Seondeok Combo


The combination of Fire with Cyrus and Seondeok has proven surprisingly powerful in the playoff stage, especially as a secondary setup. Building on the results from the recently concluded Open Arena Season 1, players have found decent success with this build. However, it’s advisable not to run it as a main setup, as it may not withstand other primary builds effectively.

As a secondary team, it promises good damage in rallies and performs well with Tower of Knowledge skills that are not mandatory for your main. Few secondary teams can match the power of main setups without the top-tier Tower of Knowledge meta skills.

b. The Khan Factor

Fire with Khan is an evolution of the pre-league build. Many players still use this, and it has its moments. If you’re a fan of Khan’s wounds and initial burst damage, this setup might suit you. Several top-tier players assert it’s still the best build, although I personally favor other setups at this stage of the season.

3. Earth Builds: The Unyielding Force

Earth builds, which underperformed in the pre-league stage, have gained traction in the playoffs thanks to enhanced survivability from new Tower of Knowledge skills. They excel in damage mitigation, shielding, and healing, allowing you to maintain resilience for prolonged periods — long enough for your Alexander to decisively engage the enemy. Cleo’s ultimate ability remains effective as most players lean towards magical damage for offense, which diminishes the inclination to include Khan or others in their earth builds. However, in earth vs. earth matchups, integrating Khan might give you an advantage. Overall, earth builds appear promising and offer potent setup options, which I plan to explore further in the upcoming battles of Season 2 of the Prime League Playoffs.

  • The Alexander-Cleo Synergy: Alexander’s prowess, combined with Cleo’s ultimate ability, counters the prevalent magical damage strategies. However, in earth vs. earth scenarios, incorporating Khan might give you the edge.
  • Survivability is Key: With enhanced survivability, earth builds can outlast opponents, making them a formidable choice for this season’s playoffs.

Remember, these builds are a snapshot of the current meta. Keep experimenting and adapting to stay ahead of the curve. Let’s make the most of these strategies and see how the season unfolds. Happy battling!

Published: 31-01-2024