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Relocation Movement

Mastering Relocation in Illusion Battlefield

Illusion Battlefield (IB) is a dynamic and strategic game mode where every move counts. Proper relocation techniques can significantly impact the outcome of battles. This guide will help you understand the intricacies of relocation in IB and provide you with a comprehensive strategy for success.

1. Initial Movement Strategy

a. Blocking and Spawning

As the battle begins, your first strategic decision is to determine your position. In most cases, you’ll be assigned to a specific tower, and your initial positioning is crucial. If you’re fortunate enough to spawn close to the edge of your assigned tower’s starting area, you have a unique opportunity. You can leverage this advantage to make offensive moves and block areas from your enemies who are likely moving from further back.

The objective here is to deny your opponents strategic positions and disrupt their relocation plans. Given the rarity of perfect starting spots, these initial moves can give your alliance the upper hand.

b. Alliance Splitting

Some alliances opt to split their forces among towers based on their spawning positions. If your alliance follows this strategy, you can still apply similar tactics. The advantage of this approach is that you gain more opportunities to block your opponents, as your alliance members likely have shorter relocation paths than your enemies.

2. Tower Surrounding and Position Rotation

A coordinated alliance is essential in IB. As you approach a tower, ensure that players on the front lines remain in their positions as the battle commences. As enemies are removed, have those positioned further back immediately claim the spot and become the new front line.

This rotation between frontliners and backliners serves two vital purposes:

  • It allows your alliance to claim essential ground around the tower, making it easier to capture.
  • It prevents the excessive wear and tear on your troops in the front lines, as backliners are primarily responsible for garrisoning and joining rallies.

Efficient rotation ensures that your troops are always at their peak performance, and you maintain control of the situation.

3. Blocking and Denying Enemy Movement

a. Shorter Relocation Path Block

Blocking enemy movement is a core element of successful relocation. When the enemy is relocating towards your position, you can use your shorter relocation path to your advantage. Move to their desired relocation spot, and try to time your arrival to coincide with the enemy’s timer. This tactic can disrupt their plans and potentially force them to abandon their strategic positions.

b. Moving Next to the Enemy

One of the most powerful tactics in IB is moving next to an enemy or multiple enemies relocating. This approach not only blocks their relocation but also creates a unique opportunity to attack their castles as they are building their relocations.

Destroying a castle under relocation doesn’t reset the relocation cooldown for the enemy, causing them significant downtime. This tactic can be game-changing, preventing your opponents from regrouping or seizing critical objectives.

4. Offense and Incremental Movement

When you decide to go on the offensive, it’s essential to approach your moves incrementally. Begin by moving close to the enemy’s position when you are still a considerable distance away. This forces the enemy to make a decision—either move away from their fortified position to block your advance or allow you to get closer.

This strategic incremental approach sets you up for shorter relocation distances during your second move, increasing the likelihood of landing close to important objectives and securing key positions.

Mastering relocation in Illusion Battlefield requires precise coordination with your alliance, a deep understanding of strategic timing, and the ability to adapt to evolving battlefield conditions. By incorporating these strategies, you can enhance your effectiveness and become a formidable force in the world of IB.

Published: 07-11-2023