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Rewards, Objectives & Victory conditions


The rewards from winning an IB are quite hefty. Even for whales obtaining 300,000 points and earning 7 philosopher stones and 1,900 gems is a nice take home reward.

Most noteably though, the Victory rewards are obtained by ALL members of the winning team and more often than not bigger F2P players and mini-whales can comfortably secure 300,000 points. This makes IB one of the best game activities for alliances to take seriously, as it lifts everyones power with high impact for smaller players’ growth.

Game objective & Structures

The win conditions of IB are:

  1. Having the most points by the end of the 60 min timer.
  2. First team to reach 100,000 points.

How do we earn points/Violet Breath?

Each of the structures provide points, at a fixed rate. Be aware – the central tower yields more points/sec. But it is also unlocked later than the outer 4 towers.

Points / second

Tower 1-4: 10/s
Central tower: 15/s

Moreover, you get a boost if you hold all five tower structures

IMPORTANT: It is pretty rare for 100,000 point wins, unless your alliances is actively sniping for low-power matchups or you are a member of the most powerful alliances. In case of a complete wipeout, the winning team should watchout and not cap all the structures as it will cap out the points too quickly and thus the battle ends without smaller players having a chance to obtain those juicy 300,000 points rewards. So if you do wipe out your enemies, slow down on objectives!

Moon and Sun Alter

Some people seem to think that Sun alter buffs holy marches and moon alter buffs shadow marches.. THIS IS NOT TRUE.

What they do is, they hide player relocations IF you are within 15km of the alter. There are some designated strategies around these structures where you stop by one of them to cloak your next relocation in an effort to overwhelm the enemy in a surprise attack.

Published: 01-03-2022