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Preperation – Talents and Troop allocation

Illusion Battlefield (IB) is a cornerstone in Infinity Kingdom PvP and my personal favorite activity. It has a high skill cap and because gemming prosperity and shielding for hours is disables and replaced with zone specific talent skills, it allowes for fun PvP battles where alliances can overcome a stronger foe by playing well and being coordinated.

This article we go through the preperation phase of IB. This article goes through:

  1. Buffs
  2. Talents
  3. Troop allocations
  4. IB specialization

If you already know all the basics and want to head deep into strategy – and get a few tips n tricks – skip ahead and read the article Illusion Battlefield/Combat/How-to-win


An important note some people seem to confuse – YES city buffs and alliance buffs count in IB. For a short periode of time, these were disabled, but were quickly set back on.

In addition, you should always use personal buffs as well as secure yourself an appropriate city-position, e.g. +5% Damage dealt by Cavalry as the Governor of Baldr.

Personal buffs can be used within IB so you don’t waste precious time by buffing ahead of entering. You can thus rely on the cheap 1 hour buffs.


You want to swap into your combat talent set for Illusion Battlefield matches.

There are two very important talents you must make sure you have on for any IB match: Riding Fast + Working Hard.

You want both of these because you want to quickly move around the map, speed is extreemly important both for your attacks and for your relocations. Moreover, with Working Hard you can strategize your first relocation and cancel enemy relos right out of the gates!

Troop Allocation

You must allocate the number of troops you want to bring into IB. It is very important that you are efficient in your allocation. By this I mean, you will be loosing way more archers than anything else – therefore you should bring around 50-60% of your troops as archers. The remaining troops should be distributed relatively equal, but you can slack a little on shieldmen as you will tend to loose proportionally fewer of these (because of their generically tanky Immortals).

You should have 1 or 2 marchers that are strong enough to be used as battle marches inside the IB match. Make sure you match these to your troop allocations. Your third march is a buffer march to be used for relo denials and your fourth should be turned into a 1 unit confusion march. As such, just make sure you have troops for the marches you actually fight with.


IB Specializations

There are three specializations to choose from when preparing to enter IB.

  1. Defense
  2. Offense
  3. Support

For a detailed guide, please see: IB Specialization deep dive

You need to pick one that is best suited for your playstyle and your role in the battle to come. Most of the time you want to be Defense, especially if you do not have a lot of speedups to heal troops with. This is simply because Defense has nice defensive abilities like shielding and healing troops.

If you are in an offensive role or perhaps take part of a strike-team style group of players. You want to go Offensive for the famous teleport. This can realistically only be used once per battle (long CD) but is still extreemly powerful to backstab enemy towers.

Support roles are important, despite having no high impact combat abilities, their ability to speedup occupation speed is very powerful if your team is able to use it whilst your offense roles stack a lot of marches with Hold Fast into the structure at the same time. Read more in the strategy guide.

Published: 15-03-2022