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Alt routine and priorities for honor

Alt Account Management for Feeding Main Account in Infinity Kingdom

Managing alt accounts effectively is a strategic aspect of Infinity Kingdom that can significantly boost your main account’s honor and resources. This guide outlines the essential priorities for building your alt accounts with the goal of maximizing their utility in supporting your main account, especially when you can only afford to log in once a day.

Priority List for Alt Account Management

1. Spend Action Points (AP) Wisely

  • Objective: Raid low-level gnomes with one march to minimize troop loss while still gaining experience.
  • Strategy: Target gnomes much below your march’s capability to ensure little to no troop loss. This method ensures a steady buildup of troop count through levels gained from the experience.

2. Utilize Skill Points (SP) Effectively

  • Objective: Increase rank to boost troop count.
  • Strategy: Allocate all available SP to advance your rank, directly contributing to an increased troop count, enhancing your account’s capability to feed honor to your main account.

3. Focus on Key Technological Advancements

  • Objective: Enhance troop count and training capacity.
  • Strategy: Prioritize technology that increases your troop count and the number of troops you can train in a single session. Given the once-a-day login constraint, maximizing training output is crucial.
    • (a) Prioritize technologies that expand troop count.
    • (b) Focus on technologies that allow for greater training amounts per session.

4. Optimize Honor and Resource Farming

  • Objective: Farm honor and resources efficiently.
  • Strategy: Regularly send out marches to farm resources and gather honor. This consistent effort contributes significantly to your main account’s growth.

5. Streamline Building Focus

  • Objective: Increase barracks capacity without unnecessary upgrades.
  • Strategy: Concentrate on upgrading barracks to boost your troop production capabilities. Avoid upgrading buildings not directly related to troop production to conserve resources and focus.

Tips for Efficient Honor Farming

Maximizing Honor Gains

  • Utilize the double honor talent strategically by consolidating your largest troops into one alt and then attacking it with your main. This approach doubles the honor gained from each successful attack.
  • Implement the instant healing talent defensively to maximize troop survival during honor farming sessions. This tactic ensures you get the most value out of each troop when attacking with your main account.

Legion of Frostborne Specific Strategy

During the Legion of Frostborne event, the healing talent extends to all marches within the castle, including garrisons. To optimize, ensure:

  • Stack your attacks in one-on-one alt scenarios. This method allows you to use one talent stack for a comprehensive 5-march hit, maximizing the efficiency of your talent usage and honor gain.


Managing alt accounts requires a strategic approach focused on troop production, technology advancement, and efficient resource and honor farming. By prioritizing the key areas outlined above and utilizing the tips for honor farming, you can significantly enhance the support your alt accounts provide to your main account. This disciplined approach ensures your main account receives the maximum possible benefit, helping to accelerate your progress and competitive standing in Infinity Kingdom.

Published: 16-03-2024