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Talent builds

Infinity Kingdom offers many ways in which you can develop your kingdom and your Lord. Talents is one of the ways you can get unique skills to accelerate your development and improve your efficiency. Choosing the right talents will have a big impact on your development, and you can also customize your talent tree to maximize your chances of winning events or accelerate your growth in a specific area.

In this article we will look into the best talents to accelerate your growth, and in which situations each talent is best.

In your talent tree you can spend a limit of five points per line, so you need to decide wisely which talent to focus on. Once you reach 5 points, a line with three options will be unlocked and you can only choose one talent for that line.

There are two distinct talent trees: Development and Military. The most beneficial talents for growth are in the development tree, but it is important to know that the Military tree also has very good options that will significantly support your growth. The best strategy is usually a hybrid of the two.


Talent builds

I will not go through all the same talents here, since you are going to want different talen builds based on the activity you are doing. Therefore, I have curated an array of articles on different talent builds. You can read them here:

It costs 200 gems to reset / switch between talent builds. 200 gems is not nothing, so you have to use it wisely, but it is almost always worth swapping talents as you go about different stages and game activities. Remember to use the 3 talent loadout pages! These are very useful, I personally keep them as: (1) Gold and Tech hybrid with Rank Advancement. My base talent build I can use for most everything. (2) Dragon upgrading, I switch into these talents whenever I am beginning a new dragon upgrade. (3) IB-talents.

There are many interesting talents which are not part of a greater build, but are handy tools to solve the problems you might have. Because they are more or less standablone talents, I have no guide for them. They should however still be noted, since they definetly have their value.

Standalone important talents

AP preservation

Divine Walker allow you to safe a lot of AP, no matter what activies you are doing. I personally have this talent in every single build I use.

Honor farming

Rank Advancement is a great talent to boost your honor gain. Especially if you are using alts to farm honor.

Anti Outlaw talent

If your server is plagued by one or more outlaws, you want to run Divine Protection and/or Tactical Retreat when you send our gatheres and log off for the night.

Boosting Immortal Star level in a hurry

Perhaps the most niche talent of all, is: Prosperous Trading. This talent lets you refresh the market 20 more times, useful if you are spamming the reset button looking for those last few fragments for an Immortal.

Published: 28-03-2022