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Dragon Talent builds

Dragon upgrading

Dragon upgrades are cumbersome and very gold and time intensive. You want to make sure to switch into these talents before you start a new upgrade on your dragon: Dragon’s Treasure and Dragon Trainer.

First of all we want to spend our gold as efficient as possible. End dragon levels cost between 50-60 million gold, meaning 5% discount is A LOT. You want to use: Dragon’s Treasure.

Moreover, we want to spend our time wisely, as dragons will take almost a month to upgrade! Always use: Dragon Trainer.

Farming dragon soul fragments – Domestication

We also need a lot of Dragon Fragments when boosting our domestication levels (abilities) on our dragons.

Therefore, we need to be smart about farming gnome bosses. You want to use: Effortless and Sieze the Day.

Effortless makes attacking gnome bosses no longer spend AP. It is very AP intensive to farm these bosses – especially if you farm higher level bosses whoes rewards are muuch greater.

When you open dragon chests, you want to have Sieze the Day active. Especially if you run the tactic where you kill bosses and use boost items (key or gems) to instantly open chests untill you get an Epic chest (24h). But in general, it is a talent that makes sense to have if you are active enough to take advantage of the reduced open time.

Published: 28-03-2022