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Leveling & Raid Talent builds

Leveling up Immortals / farming gnome drops

When you farm for gear, green stones and Immortal exp, you want to use talents that secure the most value per troop and AP spent. These are the noteworthy talents you want to take as you go gnome-raiding.

Leveling up Immortals, you want to use: Experianced.

If you are raiding gnomes to obtain resources for upgrading equipment, you want to check out: Glorious Return and Pleasant Surprise.

Consider using Divine Walker, if you are in desperate need of AP.

Always use: Safe and Sound when you level up or progres through gnome levels. If you are farming at max, always use this talent to hit lvl 50 gnomes, then go back to raiding level 46’s.

You also need som combat talents when farming. You want to do a hybrid build where you also get: Riding Fast and Survival Methods. If you can, go deeper and get combat buffs too.

If you are raiding a lot, you will need to speed up troop production too, so go ahead and grab: Recruit Talents if you have enough talent points and/or don’t need deep combat buffs to take few losses.

Published: 28-03-2022