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Water Build w/o Yoshi & Attila (C30)

Castle level 30 – ToK level 30. Around this time you will have dragon in level 26-28 ish and Immortals in your main around 30-35 (this is very rough, everyone’s progression is different). We are beginning to hit a level where composition matter and we are loosing to earth spenders – hence we need to beef up on damage support for Merlin, boost Merlin as much as we can, and rely on control on the battleground.

Keep in mind, that this is a 100% free to play guide. This means, you can do this build VERY easily and without costing you more than the third builder unlock (let’s be honest, you need that if you want to play this game – kind of the cost of the game to get that).

How does it work?

In the beginning, you cannot choose another element than water if you want to be a F2P or light spender. If you want to spend, earth is the way. Later in the game, you want to move into a 100% fire main (level 40+) which coincidentally should be run with Abaoji too unless you can get enough fragments through KoH to get Cyrus.

The idea then is to make water as strong as possible. We do that through Merlin. His ultimate skill “Prophecy” is insanly strong as the numbers are simply higher than anything else and it is in AOE. So we need him to dish out damage reliably. Hence, we want to keep him alive and boost his damage.

We also use Herald for some physical off-DPS’ing, as he is extreemly quick to max (season 1 arena) and deals very nice damage. In fact, he is viable all the way to end game.

I personally like Brynhild for her control. She is Attila just with less damage, the control output is massive, meaing you can get interrupts in on key skills. For instance, fighting an earth spender who is not clever enough to run Fighting Master on Charles = Bryn will keep his healing low.

ToK Passive Loadout

Merlin: Concentration + Fire Nova + Root
Abaoji: Defense Blessing + Silence
Herald: Anger + Garrote + Physical Shield
Brynhild: Fighting Master + Adrenaline Rush

Alternatives & near-term goals:

  • If you are getting controlled on Merlin, run Fighting Master over root.
  • As soon as you unlock cleave (level 31) you want that on Herald. Move Garrote out.

Power boosts if you want to spend a little

Spending a little goes a long way with this march. Brynhild is by far the weakest link in the chain. The control is good, but she dosen’t deal high damage like Attila does (Epic version of Brynhild). You can do two things:

  1. Move into Attila. This increases your damage and your control significantly. Attila is very stong and have played a key role in many march combinations, incl. old meta (pre patch 2.0) hard counter to shadow! He is still very strong, and my personal preferred choice.
  2. Move into Ramssess II. He is one of the most underrated Immortals in the game. His damage output is quite fine and his skill makes high physical Immortals like Alexander the Great into wet noodles slapping on rocks. You want to run him as tank and try to position him in front of enemy Alex’s. This is the best choice if your goal is arena competition (make the right setup and positioning and beat earth whales)

Published: 01-08-2022