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Water Castle lvl 40 Build (w. Merlin & Attila)

This guide is part of my article series on water builds. If this build is not to your likeing, have a look at the rest of my builds on the water build page. I have multiple builds for any taste available, IB, PvE, arena/ToS builds and F2P/cheap builds.

This article is for new developing players and part of my guide series which includes builds for Castle level 20, level 30, level 35 and level 40. These builds are made for the average player who unlocks Merlin and later Attila but is not whaling hard.

A Castle level 40 guide to Water

At Castle level 40, you have unlocked most of the powerful Tower of Knowledge Passives in Infinity Kingdom. Before we get into the setup you should run at this stage, let’s take a closer look at the new passives you have unlocked since the previous guide (level 35). Let’s see which are particular powerful.

These passives are hard to rank, since they are all extreemly powerful. Yet some (S-tier) are univerally strong, whereas others (A-tier) are incredible in the right setup.

New S-tier passives: Death Breath, Annihilation, Assist, Energy Suppression
New A-tier passives: Weakness, Shelter, Coercion, Energy Burst, Fighting Will
New B-tier passives: Missleading, Paralysis, Speed Blessing

At Castle level 40 we now assume you have Attila in your stable of Immortals and to have maxed the star ranks on all of your core Immortals in play. In this guide we attempt to zero in on the average player and where he or she is at in terms of Immortals and Passives around Castle level 40. It is based on an average player accounts and experiances with where we expect to be at around this progress level.

Special thank you to Jessica who has been the primary driver, inspiration and brains behinds all of this!


At this point in your progress, we are assuming you have Attila. You are still running the same setup being: Merlin, Yoshi, Harald and Attila.

If you have climbed the VIP rankings and have unlocked Bathony, then this place is not for you!
You want to go and have a look at my guide on Water with Bathony instead.

Passive (ToK) setup

At this point in your progress, you most likely have 7 stars on Merlin, 7 stars on Yoshi, 7 stars on Attila and 7 stars on Harald.

Just like star-ranks is based on an estimate of where you are likely to be at in this stage of progess, the level of each passive e.g. (3) or (5) is a rough estimate of where you are at this point in time based on player inputs and experiance.

You should run the following passive setup at this stage:

Merlin: Concentration (8) + Fire/Toxic Nova (8) + Annihilation (8)

Yoshi: Anger (8) + Cleave (8) + Death Breath (8)

Harald: Oaken Guard (8) + Resist (7) + Malice (7)

Attila: Adrenaline Rush (8) + Fighting Master (5) + Energy Suppression (8)

Further growth into late game

As you continue past level 40 and into endgame you want to move into a meta setup. This is going to be taxing on your purple crystal resources. See my guides on Water builds here.

I personally favor either Water as Merlin-Dido or Merlin-Bathony, but you can also run Merlin-Mathilda with a lot of succes.

Published: 27-09-2022