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Alt daily routine – what to do and what to skip

Running a lot of alts is very time consuming – it is therefore very important to know what things you need to do on a daily basis and what you should skip. The more things we can skip, the more alts we can manage in the same time window.

Running 14 alts takes around 2 hours of combined gametime for me daily – including rss node farming and castle attacks.

Create a routine with 2 daily logins

You want to time out your farming nodes and your troop production close to each other. Then make sure your second daily login matches both node farms and troop production finishing.

This is my personal routine.

First daily login:

  1. Spend your AP farming ressources from dead-castles.

2. Production

  • Begin troop training and healing
  • Make sure you have all builders working
  • Make sure you have Academy researching (read more about best alt-tech below).

3. Spend all your SP

Second login (times out to be anytime after troop-production ends).

  1. Use all of your main’s Rank Advancement attacks.

2. Collect daily rewards

  • Daily missions. You want to complete the first daily bonus every day. Training speedups are your most important speedup since you will be farming your own troops as hard as you can during events (for instance KoH, read more here).
  • If you are focusing on growing your alt, you want to spend the extra 5 minutes and unlock the second bonus too. If you have your alt maxed, skip it.
  • Make sure you use up all your wishes (and if close to a new bonus, spend a few gems).
  • Sign-in rewards, make sure you get them at least everytime it is gems, speedups, shields and random TP. You need these for alt farming, growth and SvS.

3. Collect alliance rewards

Get ressources

Get alliance coins

3. Spend all your AP again on ressources (see above)

4. Begin troop production again (see above)

5. Spend all your SP again (see above)

Published: 24-03-2022