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Using Bluestacks

Download BlueStacks from the official site here: https://www.bluestacks.com/

Boot the program and begin. Honestly, playing in a single window using Bluestacks is so simple it required no guidance. But some people have written me asking how to play multiple instances of Bluestacks at the same time – i.e. “how to play all of my alts at the same time”.

1. Find the multi-instance manager


2. Create new instance

3. Be ware of configurations – running BlueStacks can be resource intensive on your machine since booting virtual machines with seperate OS’s require quite a bit of processing power. This means a strain on your CPU and GPU.


Go to configuration options by clicking the cog on your instance – create a configuration that fits your hardware loadout. I would recommend for 4-6 instance running 1 / 2 cores, 1 / 2 GB memory and setting FPS to 20. Infinity Kingdom can run smoothly on 1 core, 1 GB and 20 fps!

Set your display according to the size you want. I use 6 instances at a time so I run min. settings at 960×540 with 160 DPI.


Published: 22-06-2022