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Alt technology development

Upgrading alts technology is very different from upgrading your main. We do not want to boost the power of our alt to make it strong. Instead our goal is to grow as quickly as possible, produce as much ressource as possible and train as many troops as possible. Therefore our tech development on alts should be as follow:

  1. Growth

You want to build as quickly as possible.

2. Ressource production

You want to upgrade the first row in development quickly. Boosting your ressource production help growing quickly as well as creating more plunder for your main. If you sometimes are unable to consistently login 2 times a day, you want to upgrade the extensions too.

3. Troop production

You want as many troops as quickly as possible since one of the main points of alts is being farmed for honor. Therefore, you want to upgrade the troop tech training nodes as much as you can. Focus on bowmen, since you need more of those.

Later on, you want to get Medical specialist upgraded too, since your hospitals quickly become stacked with troops (remember to balance hitting your alt with main and your main with alt so you keep low training grounds and hospital in balance).

Published: 24-03-2022