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Growth & Resource talents build

In this article we shall look into talents for rapid growth. This means begin aware of tech boost talents, building talents, and how to reap as many resources around the map as possible.

Technology talents

Remember to switch into Leaps and Bounds before you begin researching. Technology upgrade are much slower than dragons, you should therefore use Leaps and Bounds as your default base-line build so you always have it on as you start new tech research. Switch whenever you begin a dragon.

Building and resource talents

The first important talent is in fact the first talent: Massive Construction. Since we are playing a castle-builder, reducing the time it takes to construct buildings is an absolute must have in ANY talent loadout / build untill you reach max and have nothing to upgrade/build.

As you build up, you might be in need of ressources. There are talents for each of the ressources to boost collection rate making upgrades Easy Peasy..

In addition, your 3rd and/or 4th march can sometimes be a bit behind (and that is good for your PvP prowess).

I have heard many people suggesting the talent Trudge in this scenario. Unfortunately, they are WRONG.

You always want 5/5 in Plentiful Gold, since gold income is much more important and a way bigger bottleneck than farmable resources.

Instead, what you want to do if you find yourself with small 3rd and 4th marches is take the talent further down called: Fully Loaded.

Another important source of resources is praying. Your daily pray’s yield a ton of resources, if you find yourself in need of building materials, you should opt in on the talent: Gift of Piety.

You also want to attack dead-castles for resources. Make sure you use: Divine Walker especially on castles far away to preserve precious AP.

Published: 28-03-2022