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Castle upgrade requirements

Upgrading your castle level requires specific buildings to have been constructed first. The list below is a comprehensive list of all requirements for each castle level.

UpgradeLevelRequired Building 1Required Building 2Level
Castle 3Wall level 2Lumber Mill2
Castle 4Wall level 3Quarry3
Castle 5Wall level 4Farm4
Castle 6Wall level 5Bowmen Barracks 65
Castle 7Wall level 6Hospital6
Castle 8Wall level 7Shieldmen Barracks7
Castle 9Wall level 8Academy8
Castle 10Wall level 9Cavalry Barracks9
Castle 11Wall level 10Warehouse10
Castle 12Wall level 11Spearmen Barracks11
Castle 13Wall level 12Wishing Fountain12
Castle 14Wall level 13Dwelling13
Castle 15Wall level 14Tower of Knowledge14
Castle 16Wall level 15Bowmen Barracks15
Castle 17Wall level 16Hospital16
Castle 18Wall level 17Shieldmen Barracks17
Castle 19Wall level 18Academy18
Castle 20Wall level 19Cavalry Barracks19
Castle 21Wall level 20Warehouse20
Castle 22Wall level 21Spearmen Barracks21
Castle 23Wall level 22Wishing Fountain22
Castle 24Wall level 23Tower of Knowledge23
Castle 25Wall level 24The Forge24
Castle 26Wall level 25HospitalBowmen Barracks25
Castle 27Wall level 26AcademyShieldmen Barracks26
Castle 28Wall level 27Cavalry BarracksWarehouse27
Castle 29Wall level 28Spearmen BarracksWishing Fountain28
Castle 30Wall level 29Tower of KnowledgeThe Forge29
Castle 31Wall level 30HospitalBowmen Barracks30
Castle 32Wall level 31AcademyShieldmen Barracks31
Castle 33Wall level 32Cavalry BarracksWarehouse32
Castle 34Wall level 33Spearmen BarracksWishing Fountain33
Castle 35Wall level 34Tower of KnowledgeThe Forge34
Castle 36Wall level 35HospitalBowmen Barracks35
Castle 37Wall level 36AcademyShieldmen Barracks36
Castle 38Wall level 37Cavalry BarracksWarehouse37
Castle 39Wall level 38Spearmen BarracksWishing Fountain38
Castle 40Wall level 39Tower of KnowledgeThe Forge39
Castle 41Wall level 40HospitalBowmen Barracks40
Castle 42Wall level 41AcademyShieldmen Barracks41
Castle 43Wall level 42Cavalry BarracksWarehouse42
Castle 44Wall level 43Spearmen BarracksWishing Fountain43
Castle 45Wall level 44Tower of KnowledgeThe Forge44
Castle 46Wall level 45HospitalBowmen Barracks45
Castle 47Wall level 46AcademyShieldmen Barracks46
Castle 48Wall level 47Cavalry BarracksWarehouse47
Castle 49Wall level 48Spearmen BarracksWishing Fountain48
Castle 50Wall level 49Tower of KnowledgeThe Forge49