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Frozen Dragon Hive

Infinity Kingdom has a ton of cool city skins. You get skins from purchases during events, performance from in game activities such as contention of relics and/or Legion of Frostborne, Throne of the Supreeme, and so on. Untill now, we have also only had a single dragon skin with an awesome cosmetic effect – the shadow dragon skin.

NO LONGER! Introducing the Water Dragon Glyndwr Castle skin!

What does “Frozen Dragon Hive?” do?

Every castle skin has unique beneficial effects, from building speed to rss gathering and troop HP. The Frozen Dragon Hive increases troop healing speed at the Hospital by 5% AND increase production speed of all resources by 5%

What does that mean precisely? It means that (1) your hospital is a flat 5% faster at healing the same amount of troops as before.

Furthermore, (2) your farms, lumber mills, quarries and smelteries inside your castle produce resources 5% faster. Does not apply to gold production.

How to get it?

You have to purchase bundles (any bundles) which yield a total of 50K gems. It dosen’t matter what bundles you purchase, as long as there is a gem reward it counts towards your castle skin.

This means, that if you have not yet purchased gems with a bonus, this could be a good time.

Bundles with gems

Most all bundles have gem rewards, but how to they scale?

Usually, a 5$ bundle yield 520 gems, a 10$ bundle yields 1,100 gems, a 20$ bundle yields 2,300 gems, a 50$ bundle yields 6,000 gems and a 99$ bundle yields 12,500 gems. These are the standard rewards and can be slightly different on special bundles.

Read more about shop bundles

1 USD = in Gems104.21 110.11115.06120.02125.01

As you can see, the more expensive bundles are finally worth buying! They offer a higher gem/USD spent reward.

Do however take note, that the contents of expensive bundle tiers is MUCH worse than the cheaper ones. Overall, it would still be FAR MORE value to purchase many small bundles despite the lower gem reward.

Published: 07-09-2022