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Golden Path new quests

Guide to the Enhanced Golden Path in Infinity Kingdom

Greetings, esteemed commanders! The Golden Path, a gateway to obtaining powerful Immortals that were once elusive behind paywalls, has undergone a transformative upgrade in its latest iteration. This guide unveils the exciting changes, focusing on the introduction of Seondeok and the revamped quest structure that brings daily quests back into the limelight.

1. Seondeok Joins the Ranks:

In this revamped Golden Path, a stellar addition awaits commanders — the formidable Seondeok! As a new reward, Seondeok brings her fiery prowess to your arsenal, offering a valuable boost to your fire team. Here is an example of a very nice fire setup that relies on Seondeok (it is a third build easily modified to be a main if needed).

This opens up exciting possibilities for diverse team compositions and strategic synergies. Keep an eye on future iterations, as the Golden Path may introduce more sought-after Immortals, potentially cycling through the King of the Hill Immortals in upcoming seasons.

2. Beyond Immortals:

While the primary allure of the Golden Path lies in acquiring powerful Immortals, the treasure trove doesn’t end there. The shop still offers a variety of valuable items, including AP, cosmetic skins, and more. Be sure to stay updated on castle skin rotations for a chance to enhance the aesthetics of your kingdom.

Castle Skin Rotation Article

3. Quest System Overhaul:

One of the most significant changes in the Golden Path is the transformation of the quest system. Seasonal and weekly quests are no longer confined to the Golden Path tab. Instead, they seamlessly integrate with the regular daily quests that have been a staple since the launch of Infinity Kingdom.

Benefits of the Quest System Overhaul:

  • Relevance of Daily Quests: The revamped system breathes new life into daily quests, making them more integral to your overall progress.
  • Streamlined Experience: Quest completion and Golden Path progression are now consolidated, providing a smoother and more immersive gameplay experience.

4. Embracing the Daily Grind:

With the quest system overhaul, embracing the daily grind becomes more rewarding than ever. Daily quests now contribute directly to your Golden Path progression, making every action count toward obtaining coveted rewards. This change encourages consistent engagement and brings back the daily quests as relevant for all players.

5. Conclusion:

The enhanced Golden Path not only introduces Seondeok as a formidable addition to your Immortal lineup but also revitalizes the quest system, bringing the significance of daily quests to the forefront. Embrace the changes, strategize your daily activities, and unlock the full potential of the Golden Path as you journey through the ever-evolving realms of Infinity Kingdom. May your path be golden, commanders!

Published: 21-11-2023