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Golden Path – Skin Rotation

Infinity kingdom have a lot of different skins for your Castle. We are playing a Castle builder after all, and as such the thing you keep looking at and keep wanting to look cool is ofc your Castle! Well that’s what skins are for! (or atleast part of it).

While there are a ton of skins to get in Infinity Kingdom, not all of them are particularly good looking, although that is naturally a question of personal preference. What isn’t up for debate however, is the fact that some skins have utterly useless effects while others have massive buffs that are very helpful!

Another thing that is important to note for skins is the fact that they are quite difficult to obtain! Most skins are available in select events that ONLY appear once per year. Luckily, most of the seasonal event castle skins have been added to the Golden Path shop. If you missed Halloween both in 2021 and in 2022, well then you can still go and get the Night Phantoms skin through the Golden Path shop.

Furthermore, Golden Path is a means for players to obtain Pay-to-Play skins by spending mostly grindable in-game currency. This means you can in essence get the skins at a very low cost comparatively.

There is however one problem with the Golden Path. There are only 2 skins for sale each season! This means you have to hit the correct season in order to get the skin that you are looking for!

I have been getting a lot of questions about Golden Path. What skins are available? When does …… skin appear? and so on. So what i’ve been doing is recording the seasons throughout an entire year. While the seasons do not completly correspond to a month, they are close. Like the fourth season is not just the fourth month of the year (April) it actually begins mid March and continues into Mid April.. don’t ask me why.. The dates for your specific season also depends on the server you are on. There are small divergences, I have no idea why, but for instance server 105 end season four 2023 on March 13th whereas server 15 ends their season four on the 20th of March.

Anyway, in essence what I have been doing is record the entire Castle skin rotation of Golden Path. I spent the first three seasons of 2023 on confirming the fact that the rotation is intact. It was precisely the same skins for the same monthly times in 2023 as in 2022. As such, the following is made based on the assumption that the remaining 2023 will continue to be the same as the previous year.

Castle Skin Rotation

This is the complete rotation for the Castle skins available in the Golden Path event shop. It simply starts all over again once the rotation is complete.

Skin 2Skin 1
Ancient TribeHarvest Song
Harvest SongBon Voyage
Bon VoyageNight Phantoms
Night PhantomsKing’s Feast
King’s FeastWinter Warmth
Winter WarmthSpring Profusion
Spring ProfusionCity Love
City LoveLand of Goddesses
Land of GoddessesChildhood Paradise
Childhood ParadiseLand of Goddesses
Land of GoddessesAncient Tribe

Published: 24-02-2023