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Dark Fortress

Infinity Kingdom has a ton of cool city skins. You get skins from purchases during events, performance from in game activities such as contention of relics and/or Legion of Frostborne, Throne of the Supreeme, and so on.

In this article we shall look to one of the coolest and most sought after skins of Infinity Kingdom: Dark Fortress

What does Dark Fortress Sovereign do?

Every castle skin has unique beneficial effects, from building speed to rss gathering and troop HP. The Dark Fortress castle skin provides a 5% boost to Dragon Upgrade Speed and 5% Gold Production Speed of Dwellings. This is an amazing castle skin effect and one that makes this skin the third best skin effect of all skins in my opinion. As you are growing and developing your marches your dragon is one of the few things in Infinity Kingdom that truely takes an extreem amounts of time. Getting three dragons to level 50 requires an incredible amount of speed ups and as such a 5% speed buff makes a huge difference!

Moreover, as you grow your dragon you will quickly run out of gold. Dragon upgrades require vast amounts of gold and as such boosting your dwellings production rate (primary gold income unless you comfortably farm infernals) is a big big buff.

In fact, I know I just said this is the third best skin. If your goal is simply growth and you are not near the level 50 cap at the moment, then this castle skin is the absolute best skin. It drops off later on however, as you will finish your dragon levels well before you ever complete your technology. As such I rank the tech-skin Night Phantoms above this one. Also, this is not a combat buff and we have to rank the combat buff actually making your armies stronger than otherwise possible as the number one, hence The Great Celebration skin is unrivaled rank one.

This being said, as you grow you want to have this skin! The best growth buffs you can get are technology, dragon and buildings (in that order).

Troop cosmetic effect

This castle skin is one of only three skins that provide cosmetic skin effects for your troops as they march across the fields of Norheim and Frostborne.

How to get it?

There is only one way to obtain this skin: VIP level 15

There is only one way of obtaining this skin and that is getting to rank 15 VIP. You are going to have a rough time obtaining the required 1million VIP points to get here as a F2P. Spenders are going to get there eventually at which point you want to prioritize purchasing this box. The skin is simply very good value and something that I recommend you spend on if you are a spender. As a F2P you should not even try to get here. Spending 1 million gems on this is A LOT and you will still need to spend real money purchasing the Exalted Chest.

But if you do decide that you want to grind out the gems for free and get to VIP 15, consider this being your only purchase – money well spent.

If you do make it to rank 15 the Dark Fortress Castle skin is available along with the shadow dragon egg in the very last VIP unique bundle to be purchased at a price of 99$.

Golden Path

This skin is NOT available in the golden path rotation. Check out my article here to read more about the Castle skins offered via Golden Path as well as the full rotation.

Published: 04-03-23