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Guide to the Colosseum Castle Skin in Infinity Kingdom

The Colosseum Castle Skin, the latest addition to the aesthetic and functional customization options in Infinity Kingdom, offers players both a visually striking theme inspired by Roman architecture and valuable gameplay buffs. This guide delves into the benefits of the Colosseum skin, its unique features, and its strategic implications for players looking to maximize their in-game advantages.

Features of the Colosseum Castle Skin

Honor Boost

The Colosseum skin grants a significant 5% increase in honor gained from battles. This enhancement is particularly beneficial for players focused on climbing the ranks and securing their position within the game’s competitive landscape. The incremental gains from this 5% boost can accumulate over time, leading to substantial long-term benefits.

Marching Speed Increase

A novel feature introduced with this skin is the 5% increase in marching speed. This buff can have strategic implications across various aspects of the game, potentially including Infinity Battlefield (IB) and Infinity Battlefield League (IBL), where rapid troop mobilization can be crucial for securing objectives and reacting to enemy movements. It is not known to me if it works in IB and IBL, but if it does it has the potential to make a huge difference for well coordinated teams.

Strategic Implications

The combination of increased honor and marching speed makes the Colosseum skin an attractive option for players aiming to optimize their gameplay efficiency. The honor boost is aligned with other top-tier skins, such as those associated with the earth and holy dragons, making it a valuable asset for honor accumulation.

The addition of marching speed, however, introduces new tactical possibilities. Faster marches can allow players to engage in battles more quickly, reinforce allies, or respond to threats, providing a tactical edge in time-sensitive situations.

Acquisition and Considerations

Pay to Play Only

The Colosseum Castle Skin is exclusively available to players willing to invest in the game, requiring the purchase of 62,500 gems. This requirement places the skin in a high price range, estimated at approximately $500-600 USD, marking it as a luxury item within the game’s ecosystem.

you do also get some holy/shadow dragon crystals which is great (500 total). But all in all it’s a very expensive skin to collect. a

Strategic Value vs. Cost

While the buffs provided by the Colosseum skin are undeniably beneficial, players should weigh the cost against the potential strategic advantages. The honor boost and increased marching speed offer tangible benefits, but the significant financial investment means this skin is likely most appealing to players who are already inclined to spend substantially on the game.


The Colosseum Castle Skin emerges as a powerful addition to Infinity Kingdom, blending aesthetic appeal with gameplay enhancements that can significantly impact honor accumulation and troop mobility. For players prepared to make the investment, this skin not only signifies status but also provides practical benefits that can influence the course of play, particularly in competitive formats. As with any premium in-game item, the decision to acquire the Colosseum skin should be made with consideration of both its immediate appeal and its long-term value in your strategic planning.

Published: 23-03-2024