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Harvest Song

Infinity Kingdom has a ton of cool city skins. You get skins from purchases during events, performance from in game activities such as contention of relics and/or Legion of Frostborne, Throne of the Supreeme, and so on.

Castle Skins serve two purposes: (1) they provide unique buff effects to specific activities such as e.g. tech speed, dragon speed, combat buffs, recovery speed, resource collection rate, etc. and (2) they provide unique cosmetic effects that change the way your castle looks inside the game. The cosmetic effects work in all aspects of the game, any game mode, and provides some awesome customization to make youself more unique and your castle look.. well.. more awesome!

In this article we shall look to one of my personal favorite cosmetic skins in all of Infinity Kingdom: Harvest Song

What does Harvest Song do?

Every castle skin has unique beneficial effects, from building speed to rss gathering and troop HP. The Harvest Song provides you a 3% increase to your Resource Gathering Speed. What this means is often misunderstood by some players, and understandable so. There are many different ways to obtain resources in Infinity Kingdom and some of them blend togeather. What this skin does is it increases the rate at which your troops harvest resources at resource nodes. As such it provides NO buff to the rate at which your farms inside your castle produce resources, instead it allows you to be faster at collecting resources around the map of Norheim and Frostborne.

For example a level 10 node in Legion of Frostborne provides a gathering/harvest speed of 1M/hour. Without this skin active, you will harvest at a base speed of 1M/hour (not counting other tech, see below).

With this skin on, your collection rate increases by 30,000 resources per hour. What this means is, that per default it will take you 9 hours to collect all the resources in this node, but with the skin active you reduce that time to 8.7 hours.

The actual collection rate is a lot faster than the above, because you are getting strong modifiers to resource collection via Personal Technology as well as Alliance Technology. For instance, Stone gatherer provides a total of 20% increased collection rate to all Alliance members once max level.

Moreover Quick Mine provides you another 30% increased collection rate at max level (personal technology).

All in all, not a very powerful effect and certainly not an effect that I will recommend you to go after as one of the “best”… You should only get this skin if you think that the skin cosmetic effects are just too cool to pass on – which, I kinda get if you do! It is a very cute look.

How to get it?

There is only one way to obtain this skin: (1) Harvest Festival and (2) Golden Path seasonal shop

This skin was first released with the very first version of the Harvest Festival which occur every August in Infinity Kingdom. During this seasonal event, players have been able to complete quests and earn the Harvest Song Casle Skin. You should beware that these seasonal events tends to change every year, and as such I cannot give any guarantees as to how or if you will be able to collect this skin from the seasonal even when May comes around again.

However, lucky for you guys there is a place where you can be sure to collect this skin – in the Golden Path seasonal shop!

Golden Path

The Harvest Song Castle Skin can be found in the first and second rotation of the Golden Path shop.

This skin is available in the golden path rotation! Check out my article here to read more about the Castle skins offered via Golden Path as well as the full rotation.

Published: 23-03-23