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Limitations of the Training Grounds Combat

In this article we are going to talk about the Training Grounds. More specifically, there has been a lot of debate about what works in training grounds and what dosent. As such, I have asked a representative from IK to confirm what precisely the limitations are for combat within the Training Grounds.

Training Grounds 1:1

The Training Grounds can be accessed via the Arena Building. Once you enter the training grounds, you are able to configure your own teams as you want with all the things that you own in Infinity Kingdom. You are also able to configure an enemy team (with the trainer subscription).

However, once you set your Immortal line-ups you will quickly realize that a few things are very different in the Training Grounds relative to “real” Infinity Kingdom combat. For one, you will see your Immortals at very low Troop counts, this is my main inside Training Grounds relative to outside.

In addition, once you being fighting you will notice that things are not as they usually are. This is because the development team has decided to put certain limitations on the training grounds combat.


The ways that Training Ground combat differs from real combat in Infinity Kingdom comes from itss limitations.

In the training grounds the following things DO NOT WORK and adds nothing to either side of the battle:

  1. No technology
  2. no alliance buffs
  3. no city buffs
  4. no VIP boost
  5. no honor boost

What this means is that the fights you can recreate in the training grounds are not to be trusted completly. While it is a great place to configure and test setups for IB Prime League (which has similar limitations) it will never be truely representative of real Infinity Kingdom fighting in Norheim, Arena or Legion of Frostborne.

This does not mean the Training Grounds is pointless, not at all. Merely means that you need to think about how these limitations affect the particular fight you are trying to test.

For instance, if you are trying to test fire, you will see that anything will be destroyed by the fire dragon if you set breath to level 10 (or higher as of patch 2.4). This is simply because the fire dragon’s true-damage is scaled for real fighting, where as the troop count in Trinaing grounds is around half. As such, the dragon breath deals a lot more damage in training than in real fights. In order to make it close to representative you need to set your dragon’s breath to around level 7, but that means no testing 2.4 talent skills. Which kinda suck to be honest.

This logic needs to be applied to everything. Crit builds are another thing you can’t test very well. At base crit values, you can become near crit immune with only Malice equipped, which is impossible in real fights.

The list goes on, but I think you get the point. Training grounds are a great place to test things, but it is by no means a perfect representation of real Infinity Kingdom fights. It is perfect tool for IB Prime League, less so for Legion of Frostborne setups. When you use it, you must be aware of the limitations and judge results and make ajustments accordingly.

I hope that the devs change how Training Grounds work in the future. In my opinion, Training Grounds would work perfectly if you could either set all levels of what is currently being excluded – or if it simply took your personal tech, VIP, etc. buffs and applied it equally to both sides of the fight. But I am afraid for now we are stuck with a limited version for testing. Best of luck, think before you conclude anything based on pure training data and have fun!

Published: 06-12-2022